Monday, February 22, 2010

Winter Wonder Snow

Sometimes weather conditions can produce the perfect snow.

We rolled and rolled, it was like a white carpet.

Much exertion was used to stick in the arms!

My winter snow for making snowmans finally came!
Spring may now begin ;-)
(Before we could put on a face, it melted!)


Becky said...

Your amounts of snow - FUNNY! When we roll snowman out up ain't seeing green carpet underneath. We're getting a doozy of a storm on Tues/Wedn. Should be FUN! :)

Jenny said...

in the sun he melted, melted, melted...
(small, small, small!)

shirlgirl said...

Come back to New England and you'll get plenty of snow!! I am sure NH is really looking for snow. It has all been south of us, and NH ground is bare for now, per friends in Holderness. Maybe they'll get a good amount this storm coming.

NeeNee said...

Fun! Sorry that the snowman didn't make it. :(