Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Shining Star Shout-Out!

Congratulations, Miller!

You are our class "Shining Star" for this six weeks!

You come to class every day with a positive attitude and always do your best.

I can count on you to be a positive role model to your classmates, and be a responsible contributor in 5th grade and around OWS.

You have shown leadership qualities as one of our class representatives for Stu-Co this year, and I can't wait to see all the wonderful things your future holds.

Keep up the good work. I'm so proud of you.


Mrs. Logsdon

Monday, November 12, 2018

Letter #64

Well, another amazing week, come and gone.
Let's talk about it.

First off, lots of wheel chairs this week, like maybe six or seven. Maybe even eight, I don't know.

One of them, we were visiting a lady who uses a wheel chair and I had to use the bathroom. So I went, but the toilet seat looked like something from a horror movie. Luckily, there was a wheel chair toilet seat combination that I stuck over the porcelain throne.

Words of advice.

The higher the drop, the larger the splash

I won't send the selfie

Also, we're teaching a lady and we talked with her grandpa (who died this week after being shot twice #ThugLife). I asked him about a weird looking scar he had.

How did he put it.

I got stabbed, pulled the knife out and killed the other dude.

Okay gramps, peace

And lastly, we had an interesting "the Lord answers even the smallest prayer" experience.

At the insistence of an old lady, Elder Jesus borrowed her umbrella.

Before she let him walk away with it, she gave him the rundown.

"This is the best umbrella I've ever owned, I've had it for like ten years, never broken or given me any problems. I'm sure it won't give you any either."

Literally fifteen seconds after we left her house, the handle broke and the canopy flew off.

He's freaking out, "best she's ever owned" "ten years" "what will we do" "let's say a prayer."

So he let's it fly and we go on with our day. Ten hours later and he's still holding the broken umbrella. 9:00 at night, we're going to get on the bus and he steps on an umbrella under thrown under the bench.

Same make, same model, same year.

He grabs the unbroken handle and we take off.

Just a quick switch, the lady's umbrella will last another ten years.

When we ask, the Lord doesn't import with the size of the matter. If it is something good, the Lord wants what is best for us.

Also, ate javelina this week, and when I get home today, I've got two liters of milk straight from the cow to boil and drink.


Until next week, with a longer letter, love

Elder Pumba

Sunday, November 11, 2018

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Do you happen to have a come home day? I’m dreaming of it, whatever it is. I miss you. I’m grateful you’re where you’re supposed to be. I’m just playing the Mom card. Know of my love for you. Your Aunt Janel left a message, so sad that the package she mailed in May was returned as unclaimed. We’re so sad you aren’t able to receive our expressions of love through the mail.

Breyer had the yearly assignment of disguising a turkey, and unsurprisingly turned him into a mermaid, with seaweed disguising his feathers, and scales covering his body, including two appropriately placed shells. She's excited this week because in gymnastics she pulled off a back handspring on the trampoline. All by herself. Three times. That bumped her up to level three. She continues to charm. She spent yesterday morning with me at piano lessons, then at a Relief Society craft day, where she did all the free events for me under the watch eye of two friends. I left for Miller’s game and knew she’d be so much happier staying at the church. She loves your father. She reads book to him before bed time, always hugs and kisses him, and still reaches for his hand when walking. I saw this while watching them walk away from the baseball games.

Miller ended his long, wet baseball season playing two games Saturday morning in 45 degrees. He thinks it was a waste of money not because of the wet weather, but because his team was so unskilled. I disagree, and have mentioned why previously. But they did win a game on Tuesday, and entered the end of the season tournament Saturday, single elimination. They won the first game, against the same team, and lost the second. But Miller’s performance was outstanding. In one inning he struck out a batter; chased down a runner attempting to steal a base from second, tagging him out before he reached third; and because he had no hesitation, tagged out an attempt to steal home on a pitch that got by the catcher. That was one inning. In fact, now that I’m thinking, I believe he has made almost every out for his team. His last hit of the season was a hit to the fence itself, so close to going over. If he had hit the left field area it would have gone over the fence – which was his goal for this season. My bones were chilled for the rest of the day.

Miller was chosen as this month’s Shining Star from his class, and had no parent there to cheer him on. He had to drag his realtor sign proclaiming his award through his classes all day. And his school didn’t get the half day bonus. Dad was supposed to go but forgot that morning. Your siblings have gotten one every year since they’ve been at Oak Woods, including Sawyer. We’re so lucky.
Sawyer had a scrimmage Thursday night in a land far away. He got home after I had gotten to bed. He thought he was trying so hard he overheated, as he said he felt so hot. Then Friday morning he was freezing, admittedly the weather has gotten cold, but he actually had a fever. He came home mid-day due to a school funeral and crashed long enough to feel better and go to the high school football game. He’s crazy.

Cooper wants to have a Christmas party with kids in the Weatherford Stake, so I’m developing a list of to-do’s to make it happen. He worked on the fire pit this weekend, filling the bottom with the remaining fire bricks, and finishing the last wooden bench to go on top of the stone benches. He also cleaned up the site, getting rid of loose stones, string, stakes, buckets, etc. He has thoroughly enjoyed the stake dances, including the one last night, and was invited to a house to make use of the pool, hot tub, and foosball table. He does love his social engagements. He’s steadily working on his BYU application.

Your father is on week three of his healthy transformation. His third blood draw had amazing results – yet again down from the initial report that spurned him into activity. He’s so faithful in his diet, probably doesn’t get enough to eat, but is determined to draw the fat away from his liver and organs. He’s fitting into suits he’s never worn. He got a new desk from a co worker, and replaced the one I obtained teaching piano lessons. We’ll keep both. Breyer and I are excited to share one. I encouraged him to hang the old TV, which he did, and is used mostly for sporting events or western and military movies. We moved the smaller dining room table from the library, putting it over by the window next to the fireplace for games, etc. I love my home. I love my family. In all the world by nest is best.

If I were to tell you all that happened at work, which is so very interesting, you would shake your head, and know that our Prophet is a man of God called to lead and guide this church. The emphasis they've recently placed on the Sabbath Day is so obvious to me when I work that day and am besieged with calls. Let's say in a fifteen minute period I might have a disturbance between a father and son, an accident with multiple ejections, four other major accidents, an accident involving shots fired at the driver, a man having a seizure while on a bicycle, a mental subject pick up request and a female requesting an ambulance for her mother that turned into another disturbance. Fifty 911 calls involving multiple agencies as well. Makes for an incredibly busy few moments that are but an illustration from our little pocket of Dallas of how the world is in extreme chaos.

In The Blessing of Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy by H. Aldridge Gillespie he said, "The Lord commanded: “Go ye out from among the wicked. Save yourselves. Be ye clean that bear the vessels of the Lord.” A critical element in observing this commandment is to “remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.” The Latter-day Saints must lead out in sanctifying this appointed day each week. Quoting Elder Bruce R. McConkie, "To this very day, “the matter of Sabbath observance remains … as one of the great tests which divides the righteous from the worldly and wicked.""

May you find joy in your Sabbath Day observance, and set the kind of example that our far away brothers and sisters in Brazil need.



Saturday, November 10, 2018

Breyer the Baker


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Monday, November 5, 2018

Letter #63

Another phenomenal week, filled with blessings and blessings and laughs. Unfortunately, my adapter broke, so for now I'm out of the picture sending business Also, I left my planner at home, so all the things I had to talk about have slipped my mind. So, really quick, what I remember.

Another missionary decided to eat shrimp while on the toilet, didn't like the look of one and also decided not to flush.Imagine my suprise to open the lid and see a friendly crusacean waving at me while swimming with his lumpy brown friends.

While visiting a less active family, the son (who is active and requested the visit) was touched by our lesson about making choices based on what the Lord wants and not on what the other people want. In fact so touched that he got up, in the middle of the lesson, didnt' say a word, went and took a shower and shaved and left. Three days later, we find out that he is engaged and ready to be married in December. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

And lastly, I have been studying a lot on pride (obviously not something that I need to work on but it's worth a couple of page flips in the ol' sciptures. I was touched by the story of King Lamoni's father. Initially very closed off to the gospel, he was touched by the example of Ammon. So touched in fact that when Aaron arrived in his palace, he begged, and even ordered them to teach him. His heart had been so opened by the example of Ammon that he received the answer to his prayer instantly and in a spectacular manner.

Am I the type of example that can help the spirit open the hearts of the people? Am I being the example that Christ was and that his servants were? Not yet, but I know that it's possible, it's a promise of the Lord that we can become even as He was. It won't be an instant change, but it's the least that we can do to try to repay a portion of the debt that we have.

I love you all, until next week

Elder Reaper of Arms

Sunday, November 4, 2018

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Good morning! I loved last week’s analogy of the Boston Hancock building. I’ve been there.  I’ve driven by many times. But I never knew the story about the changing lights. Thank you. I'll share with you how the fall season is here. The trees are turning colors, the air is a bit crisper - and we need to get our chimney cleaned!

Have you found out why you can’t receive packages? Is there a way we can send one that has been successful? Does your President know?

Your father has finally taken your advice to heart, for which we’re all very grateful. For close to three weeks he’s avoided all sugar, most carbohydrates, and already has loose clothing. But his diligence to exercise more than once a day has made the biggest difference. He has access to a lab at work, where a kind co-worker will be drawing his blood weekly. Already there is a tremendous difference. So thank you for sharing your blessings with your father. The only thing he is concerned about, now, is his vision. He has an appointment on Monday to have his prescription adjusted. Rest easy on this.

Halloween began and ended with lots of rain, a rather soggy way to end the festivities. The kids forgot about the Bentwater celebration, and get no party at school, so the church activity was really the bonus this year. The mutual kids, since Halloween was on a Wednesday, tried to go to a neighborhood together, in costume, but it was too wet.

Friday your siblings had a half a day, at the end of their six week grading period. They came home, quickly collected necessary items, and headed out with your father for a scout camp out at the Dinosaur State Park. Even Breyer got in on the action as due to Sawyer and Miller having athletic events only Cooper spent the night. In his hammock. After a rousing game of Capture the Flag. Miller did pass off a few things, including preparing and cooking

Sawyer had another injury – middle finger on his right hand. He was doing partner sit-ups, passing a weighted ball back and forth. While in the down position, arms extended above his head, someone dropped another ball on top of his ball, crushing the tip of his finger. I spent 45 minutes trying to get him out of school for an X ray, which is a whole other matter. The X ray showed his finger was not fractured but displaced. Think of the tiny finger bone at the top tilted sideways. He’s been wearing a finger brace to protect it from getting bumped, but there’s not much else that will happen.

Sawyer was asked to play in the JV scrimmage Saturday morning, along with two other freshmen.  We thought he was wonderful but of course we’re just a bit in love. He scored the first point of the game with a three pointer, and followed up with 3 out of 4 at the line, responsible for 6 out of the 8 points. The second quarter was unmentionable, but the third he kicked it back into gear and scored two more at the line, and a couple of points, including the last basket of the game on an impressive post up twist and turn fancy maneuver.  His comments were that he’s a bit out of shape, even after playing all fall with the team, and indeed the varsity appeared a bit quicker. But there’s no doubt he was the high scorer of the match up, and the main point guard.

Sawyer and Cooper spent a bit of time and were able to fix my F piano key - it gets sound, just not normal sound. We all agreed it is better than it was. The boys have decided that the two side panels are coming out, and Cooper will cut a plastic see-through panel instead so they can watch the inner workings of the piano while playing. I think it's a fabulous idea. Stay tuned (ha!).

Because of all the rain outs Miller had to play three baseball games within 24 hours, and one Thursday evening. Thursday evening he caught two innings in 85 degrees, then was put in as pitcher and didn’t do so well. On Friday night where he came out pitching like his life depended on it. I think he had five strike outs in a row. He believes the key to his success was because of Dad’s taking him to a Ranger’s game. While there he noticed all the pitchers playing catch with a football. So he threw the football before he went to his game. I worked overtime and drove straight to his game, so I had no idea until we were talking after both his games Saturday. He caught the second game, and started the third game. He was so tired! They didn’t win any of the games, which was expected. They’re truly the Bad News Bears team. But Miller has learned a few things which would not be learned any other way. His thinking game has definitely improved, as he tries to prepare for the possibilities of any play. He’s done more talking to his teammates. He goes up to bat knowing he’s needed and he can make a difference, and comes through every time. He had two triples in his last game, multiple RBI’s. I think he had a triple in Friday’s game as well as a double.  He has one regular season game Tuesday, and an end of the season tournament on Saturday.

Hunter fed your brother Tanner tonight at his house - trout. They then all Face timed over here. Family. Love mine so much! We talked about trout, trout flavor. Hunter's date this week, and how she won't make a second date. We laughed over Nora saying, "Hi," and her walking every where.

We talked of how Tanner is leaning towards Washington DC and Dallas for his first job after law school. He actually has to apply next year, in his second year. Moments like this when we're all gathered around the table, and they're all gathered in Hunter's room, is when I miss you the most. We're not quite complete. Thank goodness we know where you are, and what you are doing.



Saturday, November 3, 2018

Friday, November 2, 2018

Texas Coach

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