Monday, February 18, 2019

Letter #78

So, we're a little busy trying to get all of the kinks worked out on our end, so the letter might be a little short.

We have started a capoeira class (a system of physical discipline and movement originating among Brazilian slaves, treated as a martial art and dance form) in our ward, cool stuff..

I ate cambuqueira, which is like the stem of squash and the flower mixed together.


Marcos Vinicius has become one of our biggest teaching assets, He has started telling all of his clients about us, which means that we're getting stopped in the streets a lot.

Looking for a miracle on Saturday, news next week.

Love, until next week,

Elder Hangout

hello breyer jane, yes i know, i ate a cake here for you, love you

Sunday, February 17, 2019

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

I've never enjoyed Monday mornings, but knowing you are now accessible by phone and Skype and I'm not makes me grumpy! I don't whether or not you'll want to participate, but I welcome the reason for this new change that allows missionaries to call home: "One of the major purposes of this adjustment is to encourage families to be more involved in their missionary’s efforts and experiences." We'd love to hear your thoughts on this new change, and your possible options. I'll have my phone on at work - feel free.

Sawyer spent the early portion of Tuesday morning at the orthopedic office of Cook Children's Hospital. He had indeed broken his finger, in three places, two finger bones of the same finger. Because almost two weeks had passed, she gave him the option of cast, brace, or bands. He chose bands. He also chose to play in his last basketball game that night to finish the season, but will wait three weeks to bat or catch a ball in baseball. He is pitching, and yesterday he worked a baseball clinic, two sessions, for younger baseball players.

Dad left for a conference Friday morning, to Austin, and returned home Saturday afternoon. The plan was to bring home our Hutto hippo, but because he was not feeling well, he did not make the drive. He did bring home pies, which the boys always enjoy, from Marble Falls.

Cooper stayed home from school a few days with a fever and sickness, a virus or Cedar fever allergy, Breyer and I also are suffering. Cooper found out this week that he was accepted into BYU. There was much rejoicing on the home front. He might have given a shoulder shrug, like, "Duh." Your cousin Emily was also admitted.

President Hiers and his wife, traveling from MA to AZ to handle her mother's estate, spent the night Friday, leaving early Saturday morning. President Hiers replaced your grandfather as Bishop of the Marlborough Ward, when he was called to serve as a counselor to Mitt Romney in the Stake Presidency. He was then called as your grandfather's counselor in the stake presidency when Mitt Romney was released, and your grandfather sustained as the new stake president of the Boston Stake. We spent the evening playing games, and they actually had brought a game that we loved, Covering Your A$$ets. When the Hiers were leaving, and taking Sawyer to his clinic, they informed us that our own game would be arriving in the mail shortly.

Wagner went to the vet yesterday for a check up, to get the heart worm and anti-flea medicine. That can be expensive. He's healthy but underweight. Duh. He does love a good car ride, though and sometimes we have to tug a bit to get him out of the car.

I'm back. We spent my evening home playing the new game that has already arrived in the mail from the Hiers. It's so fun. And your letter might be a tad shorter than normal, but my love, especially in the week of love, is eternal.


 Dear porter guess what tommarow is my birthday. Breyer

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Felt Board Funnies

Your Aunt Alana gave all the girls in the family a felt board Her challenge was to post something for Valentine's Day, and she would pick the winners. Unfortunately, I wasn't on the ball in terms of gathering all the entries, but here are a few, and Aunt Jenny's won - the final picture.

I want you to have my children
In fact, you can have them right now.
They're out in the car.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

College Correspondent

Merry February

Monday for FHE we had a family history scavenger hunt. The activity was fun, and turnout was fantastic. Talking about family history... my ancestry DNA results are in! My ethnicity snapshot is:

-61% England, Wales, and Northwestern Europe

-24% Germanic Europe

-13% Ireland and Scotland

-2% Norway

Interestingly, this is quite different from Tanner's results.

On Tuesday per usual, I attended the weekly devotional, this time given by Elder Ulisses Soares (from Brasil!). Upon concluding, I went to the Wilkinson Center to see if my black leather right-handed glove had been found. Alas it hadn't, but from Lost and Found only twenty steps separated me from the bowling alley and faster than prune juice makes its exit, I had made my entrance. Not having bowled in 11 months, I was pleasantly surprised with a score of 156. This was my free game of the year, given to students, but with shoes already on, the temptation to score higher was too much, and I bowled another two games, my score successively creeping lower. I had a really good time.


Tuesday I also went to Costco to look at potentially getting a card. Turns out their mozzarella and pepperoni are not cheap, so it doesn't make much sense to. But I walked around (and around) looking as that day their samples were fine. Traditionally I haven't been a sushi guy, but even that was delicious then.

Wednesday I had Jeni over for a dinner date (only my second time ever doing dinner for a date) and we were joined by ex-roommate Derik and his fiance Mandy. We had corn chowder, rolls, salad, and chocolate pie for dessert. Jeni kindly brought lemonade, limeade and croutons.

The Dentist. Visiting is when I feel like I'm actually adulting, as it's still hard to do without my mom or someone supporting me, BUT I DO IT! My appointment was on Thursday. Unfortunately, and unbelievably, as I know not a single person more fanatical over mouth care than me, I had 3 cavities. Which means a return visit. Ah the joy.

Saturday morning, after a slow night of pizza on Friday, I drove the 260 miles to St. George to attend Derik and Mandy's sealing. I could only stay for about an hour, but it was worth every second. The sealing was at 12:40, and was beautiful and inspiring. This was a small turnout, as their families couldn't attend, and I knew that it was the right place for me to be. They had planned a ring ceremony at 4:30, but I left right after the sealing. Needing to get gas, I ended up taking the smallest of detours to visit the Pioneer Museum in town. I rushed through, and would enjoy visiting again. Best artifacts that I saw? Both coincidentally involved weddings. The first was a hair wreath. Made to be worn by the bride, the wreath was made of human hair. And while perhaps it looked better 140 years ago, I felt nauseous. There was a slightly younger wedding fruitcake preserved there as well. I've heard said in jest that only one fruit cake exists in the whole world and is simply passed around because no one wants it. This exhibit refuted that, but I'll admit 1- I don't like fruitcake. 2- 100+ years the cake was going strong and makes the McDonald's Big Mac and fries look utterly lame when it comes to preservation.

Sunday night I attended a devotional by Doug Callister, emeritus member of the Second Quorum of the Seventy. This was without a doubt one of the best firesides I've ever heard. He ran a law firm with his brother Tad, in Glendale, Arizona, and they would serve concurrently as General Authorities, before Doug's release 10 years ago. He spoke humbly, yet powerfully, with rhetoric of yesteryear, speaking eloquently with plenty of literary quotations and the like. Oh, and without any notes.  My favorite lines he quoted from an Elizabeth Browning poem, Aurora Leigh:

Earth's crammed with Heaven,
And every common bush afire with God,
But only he who sees, takes off his shoes.

The main theme revolved around prayer, and he promised that if we would choose only one blessing we would like, and one blessing we are grateful for, and follow that pattern for 40 days, choosing something new each day, each time conversing with our Father in Heaven about only those two things, then the way we prayed would change and we would draw closer to our Father.

He talked about being called as a stake president at age 31, by then Apostle Spencer Kimball. Elder Kimball called him in, said he was called, and said he'd leave for 10 minutes so Pres. Callister could choose his counselors. The lesson: The Lord can inspire you in 10 minutes as easily as two months, but you must get on your knees.

Of everything I miss from my mission, most of all, I miss testifying of eternal truths constantly. Elder Callister noted that Heavenly Father has only spoken a handful of recorded times, but every time He bears testimony of His Son, Jesus Christ. We are never as near to our Heavenly Father as when we bear testimony of our Savior.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Letter #77

Titanic. That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?

Quick story, we were teaching a man called Josélio. During the whole
lesson, he's just citing scriptures that didn't contribute anything.
Let's talk about prophets....
Oh, I know a scripture about adultery, lemme find it real quick.
That's about how it went

We ate lunch with the patriarch. Probably the best lunch I have had yet on my mission. Not because of the food, but because of the conversation. What a couple.

He and his wife (who remember a little the Boston grandparents) spent an hour and a half cracking jokes, telling stories. My personal favorite came from the wife.

"When I was a kid, my dad made moonshine. A LOT OF MOONSHINE. He was the biggest moonshiner in the northeast (which, if you know Brazil, that's a big deal). Our house had a swimming pool in the back yard, which would have been a big deal if we could have swum in that. It ain't water! One time I fell in and I almost died because even holding your breath, you can feel the alcohol entering your body and burning you. Elder, I swear, I was drunk for like three weeks."

Or the patriarch's story about accidentally making pancakes with cement powder. lol

We starting teaching a lady called Lourdes. Her son is the big man on the street. The chief. The boss. The drug lord. One time, we were teaching her and he got a visit about the dude who tried to enter in his drug storage house. My mans gets the work done.

Anyways, we try to visit her but she wasn't there. He came out and we started chatting. He said that he ran out of seda (which is what you use to roll joints, right) and went looking for more. He started
looking around the house and stumbled upon his mom's Book of Mormon (which is made of a similar substance #inspired) and when he went to grab a sheet, he felt inspired to read it first.

In his words, upon reading the first page, the desire to smoke left him for two days. He asked us to come back to talk with him.

Also, just imagine. Us, The Drug lord, shirtless, drinking 100% grape juice out of a beer can and 100% beer out of a wine glass. The cops show up. "Hey Marcos, good to see you're tryna' change, keep up the good work." True Story

The gospel makes miracles, even when you're not expecting them, it's just a fact.

Until next week, love you all -

Elder Mind the Pot of Oregano

Flamboyant Zone Conference

Sunday, February 10, 2019

With All My Love

Good morning, Elder Schenewark!

How are you ? We were very glad to see pictures from your President on line this week at the Flamboyant Zone Conference. Is that a real city?

It's been a cold week, and today is extra cold with the rain. We're so thankful we have a fireplace to use, and that we've been gifted with wood to add that extra touch of warmth in our living room.

I don't know a lot about your older brothers' lives. Tanner is busy trying to get his reading in while helping with Nora. AnneMarie's classes appear to be doing well. I'd be enrolled if I could. Nora is still adorable, talking up a storm, and very, very busy.

I don't even try to keep up with Hunter. I didn't know he had talked to Uncle Rich's kids about using the kitchen in his Utah house until I read Uncle Rich's letter. I just know he makes me smile. Except this week. He went to the dentist and has a few cavities to fill. He wasn't happy. I don't blame him. I loathe dentist visits now.

When the boys call, Dad walks into his library so he can hear, and I'm left out of the conversation as I try to carry on with life, but I try to listen to their snippets.

Sawyer's finger, that was hurt last Friday, was x-rayed on Thursday morning. You know there might be an issue when you get a call. The issue is a nondisplaced buckle fracture on the "proximal phalanx", or left hand pinky, where the last finger bone meets the first hand bone. We have a meeting with an orthopedic hand specialist in Fort Worth on Tuesday. Compared to Cooper's two pinky injuries this seems so minor but we'll go to see what they say. He hasn't stopped playing ball, he just tapes his fingers together very low, and wraps a piece around his hand. I didn't go to Tuesday's game, which they had no difficulty wining, but got to see him play Friday. Due to inclement weather, and wanting Everman to leave as soon as possible, they cancelled all freshmen games, but bumped up three to JV, of which one was Sawyer.

He played great. The last time JV played Everman they lost by 40. That night it was by 2. Sawyer and gang went in early in the first and gave them a 25 point lead. Seriously. And little by little, over the four quarters they lost the lead. Sawyer played great. His friend Nathan hit the floor really hard, hitting his elbow and back, and took a bit to shake it off, otherwise I don't think there would have been a problem pulling ahead. Sawyer has one game Tuesday, away, and the season is over.

Miller  had one prime game yesterday, and now his season is over as well. He lost by 2 as well, but had a spectacular game. I really love how each coach adds something to his repertoire, and am thankful I have one more boy to play for me. I love watching you boys play. I love watching the boys Miller plays with now defer to him for the shot. He has a beautiful three point spot on the sidelines, and when the T was thrown, he was chosen for the shot. On the way home, with Sawyer in the car, he asked me how old you had to be to coach. I told him I didn't know, but asked why. Because he wanted Sawyer to coach him next year. It was very sweet.

Cooper went on a WIT field trip Friday, over night through Saturday, to visit the Texas A&M campus. His doubles partner decided to go, so he went, so no meet this week for the dynamic duo. I haven't even seen him yet. He got home while we were at Miller's game, changed, and went out the door to the stake dance. He had a very creative proposal to the prom. I don't even know when he thought of it never mind made it, as we pass like ships in the night, but it's adorable, and probably printed on his 3-D printer at school. He's taking one out of a pair of identical red haired twins.

Wagner is still adjusting. So are we. We've called him Wrangler, Ranger, Wheeler. He's still very, very picky about food, and is still losing weight. He doesn't know how to play ball or tug. We found out he loves to obey commands, and will come bounding when you call, sit when you ask, and go looking for you when you call. Those are good starts, and he is so very, very sweet.

And of course, Miss B. Her birthday is next Monday, and she talks about it every day. She knows the dog is a big part of it, for which she agrees. But we'll think of something fun for her to do involving pink. She's already requested an ice cream cake. I thought you would enjoy a throw back picture from four years ago. She went on a school field trip this week to Bass Hall in Fort Worth to see a play, always living such a charmed life. She's continuing on in her gymnastic skills, and has become our dog groomer, dog dentist, dog nutritionist, and doggie roommate.

Brigham Young, for whom your partially named, began a long westward exodus from Nauvoo, IL to Utah on this date in 1847. The trip took a little over three months. I will be contemplating their journey as you finish your journey back to us. It is a fitting contemplation as earlier this week, when my trash can blew over in sub arctic temperatures, and I was outside reclaiming our trash blowing in the wind, I was painfully aware of how cold they must have been. I was only outside for a few minutes, while they had weeks. Walk straight and safe in your dangerous urban area.



Saturday, February 9, 2019

College Correspondent

Goodbye Rockwell’s

This week was signing day, and I'd like to announce that I've signed with Victory Pizza. That's right, I've stopped looking for a job post-graduation and I am going to give this a real shot. Friday was our first real day selling, and while it didn't go as I hoped, Saturday was a hit, and I stayed busy,  making and delivering and ironing out the bugs in the system. Friday afternoon I had canvassed my apartment complex with flyers, putting one on each of the roughly 90 apartments. I had put that flyer together on Friday afternoon in 30 minutes, and while I was pleased with the end result, Tanner redid it and this week I plan on putting out 500. And if this weekend goes well, (my goal is 30 pies a night) then I'll have a quick turnaround and be ready with a heart shaped pizza for Valentine's week. I'm already making a profit, but beyond that, it's been so much fun learning and solving problems and legitimately running my own business. I don't think I'll ever forget the first time someone called, asking, "Hi, is this Victory Pizza? I'd like to place an order."

Part of the preparation in passing the inspection as a "cottage food" producer required that I have a separate fridge to keep ingredients just for pizza. I found one on Facebook for free and I went with my Tocqueville friend Henry Wright to pick it up in Pleasant Grove. I've cleaned it, and it works like a charm. Moving it up to the third floor was horrible, as the fridge was perspiring, we were all freezing, and the fridge was so hard to grip. But we did it.

Tuesday was the College Republican's Opening Social, which I attended. The club president, Tyler Clancy, has done a fantastic job and gave a great speech on this night. I left early to go make visits with the Bishopric again.

Wednesday I had Aunt Joy and Uncle Ben over for dinner. They asked that it be gluten free, and we had yams, rice, delicious steak cooked with tamarind sauce, and a fruit bowl. Fudge was for dessert.

On Thursday I had a mutual date, going out with Colleen from Colorado. For whatever reason, I really struggle to say that name. We went to Rockwell's, and talked for a while but I think both of us weren't really feeling a connection. I've decided that this was my last visit to this place. It's served me well, but I'm tired of going there, and think that in the future when I want an ice cream date, I'll just make it.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Whispering Sweet Nothings


I am so proud of how hard you have worked this year to maintain straight A's!!

You are a top-notch student and one of our class leaders.

Thank you for always being kind to others.

Let's have fun and finish the year strong!!


Mrs. Logsdon
Fifth Grade