Tuesday, June 30, 2015

With All My Love

I'm feeling guilty for my lack of pictures for you to enjoy, and words of wisdom. It must be summer! Or, I'm gearing up for another two years of dedicated sharing when your brother departs for Brazil at the end of the summer.

We spent a lot of time yesterday working on notarizing documents he needs. Hunter opened up a local bank account, as he's accrued a few checks to cash, and needed the free notary service. Paperwork makes him grumpy. He also had to type up a curriculum vitae, which I have yet to see.

I drove to Tyler for the first time, to pick up your brothers who were visiting Friday to Wednesday. I drove up Tuesday, and spent glorious hours in the new pool. Miller, who had hurt his toe and nail Friday, was on crutches when I arrived Tuesday, never venturing into the pool. That lasted about ten minutes, when I convinced him of the possibilities. He's very sensitive about injuries, blood, and feeling pain, and apparently put your aunt and uncle through gray hair moments just changing his band aid.

Dad and your brothers came home from scout camp successfully stinky. Bathroom issues negated most showers, and near 100 degrees with heat and humidity made water activities very popular and necessary. I know Sawyer came home with five completed merit badges, probably Cooper as well. I think Cooper grew while he was gone, he seems so tall!

Dad talked about scout camp in church today...I thought he was wonderful ;-) He spoke about how they only had one lure, and kept catching fish after fish. What are the lures in this world that catch so many of us? Pornography? He was amazed that something made out of plastic could be so catchy to the fish, and how it wouldn't even have fed them.  Satan uses lures to catch us, and it's always with those things that are not good for us either.

They arrived home from camp early, Thursday evening at midnight, so Dad could take Cooper and Porter to youth conference. It was an eleven stake event held at the University of Texas in Arlington, with Glen Beck and Elder Callister as the  headline speakers.

Hunter went and bought the garage shelves I had noticed in a Lowe's flyer, and also helped me assemble them. Yesterday I finished cleaning the garage: much better!I might get some hooks to hang bikes and golf bags, but otherwise I'm done. I need to de-vine some trees, shore up our drainage ditch, and work on water drainage off our retaining wall next. We found a BIG spider in the garage. Hunter and I enjoyed hearing Breyer's scream, as she found it first. When I caught it, it was so big it didn't fit on the bottom of the pint jar. She made it her pet, after it was safely contained, and even sang to it for a while. We released it inside the drainage ditch, so it would be cool, but away from the house. Her nurturing instincts are precious.

Dad's working on when and how to travel to California to see his father. He's looking at a few days between summer and fall semesters, and looking to take Hunter, Cooper and Sawyer. That will be an adventure for sure! Porter, if he decides not to play football.

I apologize for my lack of pictures! I'm out of touch with my camera, as it's been on the road for weeks. Know that we love you, and are looking forward to your visit next week, where there will sure to be a LOT of pictures being taken!



Monday, June 22, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

Have you  missed me? I got back from girls' camp, and found out what I already knew: It's nice to get away, but it's always nicer to come home. Nothing too rough about staying in an eight bedroom house on the Guadalupe river, in San Braunfels. And Hurricane Bill never reached us. Did I mention the house had a pool?

I arrived home just in time to see all the boys come home from golfing. Only nine holes, they were all soaking wet with sweat, and very sunburned. It was the wrong time of the day to golf in Texas. Hunter's already by himself off early this morning to get in 18 holes. The course across from our subdivision has a special: He pays $100 per month, versus the $25 course fee, and his siblings can all golf for $25 for the month.

Friday we spent the day packing for scout camp. They left Saturday morning for Kerr BSA camp in Oklahoma. Your cousins in Tyler, more specifically Porter and his birthday buddy, have been conspiring to get together for a long time, and Dad made it happen Friday as well, also driving Hunter and Miller up for a visit. I'll drive up this week sometime for a visit to pick them up.

So Breyer and I are having girl time. We've been to the beach twice, the library, a puppet show, and church. If you want to hear her laugh, call some time and ask her about the puppet show. She loved it, and kept asking how the puppets could talk. The ventriloquist was very good. She does miss her brothers, and I'm already tired of her asking, "But who will play with me?"

She helped me make the cookies for the fathers in the ward...we made three kinds, and bagged them with mustache stickers and a quote. Seventy packets, took us six hours to finish. That was also the same day I had to make cinnamon rolls and muffins for the scouters. I spent last night on a heating pad...my lower back was tender from that day in the kitchen.

I thought this picture of Romney was funny. I can imagine your grandfather shaking his head over this fundraising attempt. They should have done something like this when they were cohorts together in the stake presidency ;-)

I'm sorry I have no more pictures for you. Dad took my camera to Boston, and now to scout camp. Hunter left me his but the battery is dead, and it doesn't work in my charger.

Have a most wonderful week. Remember why you're there ;-)



Saturday, June 20, 2015

Rockin' the Rock!


The only way to replace his first mission companion and BYU roommate...

"Don't ever let anyone tell you what Eternity looks like."

"Trust me, you'll know it when you see it."

Monday, June 8, 2015

Newsworthy Note

The Acton Middle School honors band placed first in the Texas Music Educator Association’s 2015 regional honor band competition. The ensemble’s recording of its spring contest performance is advancing to the area level.

TMEA judges ranked the AMS band first while listening to Class CC recordings on June 6 at Aledo High School. The top two bands in each class advance to the next level.

The band’s program included “Big Four March” by Karl King and arranged by James Swearingen, “Our Kingsland Spring” by Samuel Hazo, and “Spoon River” by Percy Grainger.

Winning the honor band regional competition follows the ensemble receiving sweepstakes honor at concert and sightreading contest in April. The school’s symphonic band also received sweepstakes recognition during the UIL event at Burleson Centennial High School.

The honor band also received a superior rating at the Beach Within Reach Band Festival on April 30 at Richland High School. The band received top marks from all judges at the invitational competition.

Friday, June 5, 2015

From Beginning to End...

One of the things I most admire about him is his ability to envision a picture to an actual creation...cardboard mailing tube, pinewood derby wheels, minute-to-win-it cups, easter eggs, corn dog sticks, popsicle sticks, wood, paper mache and lots of creativity.

An airplane!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mommy Moment

Sawyer received an "All A's" Honor Roll certificate...

A Citizenship certificate for "Excellent" behavior all year...

First in his class for AR reading points...

Three medals for 90%+ on statewide testing in science (perfect score), reading (missed only one) and math (perfect score)..

And a trophy for being second overall in fifth grade for AR reading points, and a $50 VISA gift card for having over 500 points.

Way to go out with a bang!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner and Hunter,

For two reasons, I've found myself crying many times this weekend. So sad to hear Elder L. Tom Perry passed away. No matter how small the connections may be, it still hurts when they're (temporarily) severed. Love that he took time from his busy schedule to visit baby Ben in the PICU in Primary Children's hospital. "When the Chief  tells me to do something...I do it!" I loved this quote. I think it describes him perfectly: "It has been said that ideas go booming through the world like cannons. Elder Perry’s booming voice carried his words far and wide, but it was his spiritual strength and positive perspective that sent his cherished ideas on faith, family and freedom booming to the four corners of world and into the hearts of millions." So thankful he touched our loves in such a small but profound manner.

And the second reason for my tears? I'm going to be a mother-in-law. I get another daughter. At least five years ago I was mourning not having a daughter, and then remembered someday I would be gaining six. Silly me. I can't tell you how touched knowing our family is expanding in such a manner has touched my heart. Welcome, AnnMarie! Tanner is so lucky to have found you. (And your comment about just learning how to spell our last name cracked me up! I remember thinking, "Thank goodness I know how to say it!")

I've booked a few airplane tickets for July. Can't wait for our mini family vacation. Breyer insists we visit the zoo. She's been waiting so long to see the animals she reads about. Fort Worth is suppose to be in the top five for the United States. Definitely a family picture, lots of good food, our local beach, a frisbee golf course, Apples to Apples...lots of fun ideas being thrown out for that long weekend.

Sawyer and Miller will be going tomorrow, and then they're done. They both enjoyed their award ceremonies, and will be glad when tomorrow's half day is over. Porter and Cooper finished Friday, and are opting out on tomorrow. Cooper has a friend coming over to finish an airplane they began building on Saturday afternoon. Wait until you see what they've built!

The rain has finally ended last night. The whole month of May has been rain, the most rain Texas has ever seen in the month of May. Now we're in summer. High eighties all week. Today was beautiful! I felt like I was sitting in my own spa, rejuvenating. These are my very own Toy Story clouds ;-)

Dad loves the road runner that visits our yard. Every time he sees it in the yard, he grabs the camera and starts clicking. I'm sharing some of his love.

Dad found a recipe for taco bowls he wanted to try, and gave me the night off. They were a big hit! Except with Breyer. She opted for nachos instead. Any time someone cooks I'm happy to sit!

It was fun to see Tanner in his companion/roommate's wedding. Looking forward to more pictures!

Porter attended seminary graduation tonight. Yeah. One more year to go for him, fourteen more years for me ;-) Breyer and I had to sneak out of church early today, thank goodness I wasn't teaching. She had the Big D. I suppose I thought the two earlier incidents were flukes, but nothing like her yelling, "No, I can't hold my poop any longer!" in the middle of the sacrament ordinance. We hastily retreated, and spent the morning back at home. She's a hoot!

I hope your weeks are both wonderful. I'm beginning summer with your brothers, and need to come up with lots of fun. Come home and help!

Lots of love,