Monday, May 30, 2016

Letter #41

Dear Family and Friends,

This week, Priscilla was baptized. It was wonderful. She´s been carefully studying the church for 2.5 years, since December 2013, and hasn't missed a Sunday for eight months. And, last week, she decided she was ready. The service was wonderful. Packed house, people drove two hours from the stake, who knew her, to be here. We ended up having five brief testimonies, turned the rest down, and two special musical numbers. Including one by Elder Cardoso and I. We sang The Spirit of God in English for her, as she speaks it okay and it's one of her favorite songs. And lots of cake at the end. A day I´ll never forget. She said she has this day engraved forever on her heart too. I felt the spirit strong Sunday, when she was receiving the Holy Ghost.

We bought some cheap batteries to try out on the piano, and it turns out really cheap. Sunday, the batteries died before i even played the intro to the first song. So we were without music. But the branch will invest in some better ones.

Elder Cardoso has been having pains in his legs since his first day here but has tried to get though it. Well, it's been getting worse. We´re traveling Wednesday to visit an orthopedic doctor and we´ll see what will happen. he thinks he will have to go home. So keep him in your prayers.

Like I've already mentioned, Quissamã is a small country town. Lots of people have farms and gardens. Which means lots of fresh food. I've never been a fan of avocado, but that's beginning to change. Members here blend avocado with milk and just a little sugar, and it is deeeelicious. A recipe I´ll be bringing back.

This week at English class, it unfortunately overlapped with a Relief Society activity, and our number of members dwindled, but, we had our best showing yet with twenty investigators, almost entirely kids between 12-16 who showed up alone, and it went really well. We've decided to open up a second class on Tuesdays as there have been a lot of people asking. A couple are starting to get interested in the church as well.


Elder Schenewark

Sunday, May 29, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Happy Memorial Day to you! Your father spoke eloquently of how important it is for us to always remember. Not celebrate, not holiday-ize, not gather for fun. Remember those who sacrificed, some who gave all, that we might enjoy the freedoms we're so richly blessed with living in this land.

The wife of your branch president be-friended me today on Facebook. I had to find out who she was, of course, and she sent me two pictures. Not a lot of words, but pictures are always wanted.

Last week was my first full week of day shift. I was moved the week before. I attribute this blessing to your service. After ten nights 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., it was a surprise to be told I was moving. I spent some time typing up the training I had received, as they have no training procedure in place, and apparently made enough of an impression to be moved. Yeah. Now I'm 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., able to arrive home before Miller was off the bus. And, because I told them I had a Sunday morning commitment, that I could keep while on nights, they gave me Saturday and Sunday off. This very desirable schedule given to the last on the totem pole position, has garnered attention of another kind, but was not of my choosing. When the alarm goes off at 3:50 a.m., it's a little painful, but so much easier than staying up all night long. Enough of that. And thank you!

The Bachs arrived Wednesday evening, and we've been in party mode ever since. The week was full of activities already scheduled for the end-of-the-school-year. Miller had Dad come to his award banquet. He was recognized for being part of the mile running group, having straight A's all year long, a Citizenship award, 2nd place class reader, and of course being District Chess Champion. And in the spirit of his award, Sawyer, Miller and Bro. Bach have been in a constant tourney all weekend. 

Sawyer had Bro. Bach take him to his scout and sport physical. He was flagged by the school nurse with a little scoliosis problem that we forgot to address but he's all set for his activities.

Breyer has been loving her girl time with Sis. Bach. They sit on the piano while Breyer plays, and sing duets together. Sis. Bach also does her hair every day. So nice!

There's also been a lot of fix-it projects. My shower handles no longer spin freely, but stop where they're suppose to stop. Breyer's bicycle chain is back on, and all the brakes on the other bikes have been adjusted. The wash room light will be worked on, as well as a new garbage disposal installed.

The fishing hasn't been great, but little fish here and there. Of course you heard about the snake in the garage. We got to see a road runner in the neighborhood pick up a snake and suck it up. Yum. We also saw a kit fox in front of our house.

Dad's birthday, Father's day, Christmas present all wrapped up in one in the form of his first barbecue grill, which the boys all helped put together. We broke it in with marinated brisket, by Cooper. He found the recipe, burned off the new grill oil, and slaved over hot gas. Yum! And the best part? He did not have to be asked to clean the grill. He also said he knows how to perform the monthly bug inspections that are required to keep the lines clear. We cooked the brisket because we also had the missionaries and an investigator over for dinner. He's gone through fourteen sets of elders, but is getting baptized Saturday!

Based on an average of seven billion hot dogs sold per peak season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, Americans eat 818 hot dogs per second.We'll be contributing to those numbers tomorrow, using the upper level deck on the new grill.

Sawyer and Miller went golfing. Bro. Bach gave Sawyer the shot of the day when he had to pull a ball out of the mud, and five feet worth of mud went up into the air. Miller, standing behind the show said, in a Hunter-esque style, while clapping his hands, "Bravo. Bravo. Just bravo." We've been quoting him all weekend. Sawyer drove one about 150 yards, and Miller followed with a 130, and they had the old men following behind them cheering them on.

Of course your brother, Porter, graduated! Yeah! Three down! It was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center, which was almost full by the time the night was over. Knowing the wait and ceremony would be long, all your siblings opted out, so it was an adult affair. Of note: They had a Spanish National Honor Society, and said opening and closing prayers twice, once in Spanish.  There were about 450 seniors in his class - BIG! We went to In-n-Out Burger afterwards for a really late dinner. Have you eaten a hamburger since you've been in Brazil? I'll post pictures later.

We had a linger longer today after church as it was the fifth Sunday. For a Memorial Day weekend, where a lot of people are out of town, there were a lot of people there! We brought potato salad and watermelon, and a great big cake honoring the graduates. Good thing we did, as the desserts were on the low side. Do they have linger longer events in Brazil?

I think that's a wrap up. I always tell you, and I hope you understand, how much we love you. You're always in our thoughts and prayers. We've enjoyed swapping coin stories about you this weekend, as well as chess stories, and even lawn mowing stories.

Have a wonderful week!



Saturday, May 28, 2016

A Cottonmouth's Concoct

Dear Elder Schenewark,

What a morning! Dad went out to go fishing, and in grabbing a pole, almost grabbed a snake. The brothers left the garage door open last night and gathered a visitor, who probably smelled leftover fish dinner on the poles, and went a'sniffin.'

We weren't sure whether Cooper had caught him while we were out last night, or if it was a rubbery version, but when the golf club gave a nudge, the forked tongue came a'slitherin.'

Between Cooper's machete, Dad's pellet gun, Miller's baseball bat and Sawyer's deadly gardening implement, the snake was not for long.

This will probably help everyone to remember what Dad is always preaching: Close the doors.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Coastal Californian Chronicles

Dear Hunter,

Another week on the journey of our lives. Many blessed days to learn and grow. Sales was tough this week. The fish weren't biting my hook as much as I'd have liked them to but that's okay. Money's not everything, which leads me to my word of the week. I've taken to reading in between doors in the morning and afternoon when it can be slow. The iPad is great for this and I'm ten chapters into Mobey dick where I stumbled onto the word cupidity, meaning greed of money or possessions. Hopefully you are helping those you teach avoid cupidity by teaching them about their purpose here in mortality and th it divine birthright. AnneMarie helps me avoid cupidity and remember what's truly important in life all the time.

Helping drive home the point was uncle rich who visited on Wednesday. He treated us to a heavenly taco feast at Puesto in la Jolla where he was staying for two days for work. I've eaten some good tacos but these had some secret sauces going on, especially the potato soy chorizo and chicken verde tacos. Not to mention their guac and chips. But the gastronomic delight were only beginning there. He led our pallets down the road to the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory which ought to have hanging above its doors the words from John Denver's song "the place where I belong." Just breathing the air in there is an actual treat, pun intended. I chose the tasty dark chocolate dipped candy orange while AnneMarie and Rich chose a formidable piece of la Jolla bark. It was a special evening and really the best treat was getting to hang out with our one of kind uncle even if he wouldn't give me the DL on what's going to be in this weeks big letter.

 This weekend we took off for Coronado island beach, a magical place. Also you should know I sold to mr. San Diego 1964. He wasn't in quite the same shape as five decades ago but hey cool guy. AnneMarie's cousin Karina won three Nevada state championships in track, running the 800, 4x400 and mile. She also broke the 41 year old state record in the 800 and earned a third place finish in the 400 after winning the mile. Way cool :)

We're feeling very blessed as AnneMarie was able to get a job at Mimi's Cafe here nearby, even after she told them that she wouldn't be here for two weeks because of Africa and that she wouldn't work Sunday's because if church. Choose the right, let the consequence follow!! Speaking of Africa she leaves to Ghana a week from Thursday. I'll be in bachelordom for that time but I'm trying to get some of my friends to come visit on the weekends, and Annemarie's parents are coming this weekend to visit for Memorial Day. Man, that's the cliff notes version, but really we hope you know that we love you, and the gospel and the beach :)  work hard. We're rooting for you daily in our prayers,


Tanner and AnneMarie

P.S. AnneMaries sister Emmie gets her mission call in two weeks. I'm hoping for Brasil;)

Letter #40

Dear Family and Friends,

Yes, I heard about the new clothing rules today! For now, lets just wait. Pres. young and some of the leaders of the mission will be meeting to decide what will be done. I can get a good hat here really inexpensive, and will probably not use sunglasses at all.

This week, we continued visiting all the less actives. We've been working on helping a family return to the church, and this week, the oldest child, Antonio was baptized!!! He´s 8, and had already been taught by other missionaries, but then they were transferred. We´re glad to have been able to help. And one investigator, Priscilla, who is one of the coolest investigators ever, is talking about getting baptized Saturday! She´s been attending church 8 months now, every single Sunday (stake conference, general conference, everything) and finally feels ready. We´re excited!

This week we received permission from the middle school here to visit and invite everybody to our English class. We visited every single classroom, over 500 kids in total, and talked about what we do. It was really fun, and they loved our presentation. And, Saturday, we ended up having 28 people for our English class! The new record, but I think we´ll break it Saturday again. It was really challenging to teach everyone, but we prepared and it went off well. And it was a really good mix of members/non-members. Quite a few kids from the school came, but no parents. Many invited us to their house though, so we´ll be able to visit more this week.

When we went to church here the first time, we discovered that there was not a piano here. We talked to the branch president, President Luis, and he said a  member had taken it to their house a couple years ago, to learn how to play. Well, turns out it changed hands quite a bit, and wasn´t working, but after tracking it down, and putting in new batteries its playing! This Sunday was the first time in a long time they´ve had music here, and it was good. I played with the simplified hymn book. After a couple years without any piano  the branch members have an affinity to sing really slow, and I have a tendency to play fast, so at some parts it got interesting, but we made it through in relative harmony.

Last night, my companion got upset over something, so I heard him out, but it was really difficult. Then, I prayed. This year, I've studied about charity A LOT but last night I followed the counsel of Moroni to `pray unto the Father with all the energy of thy heart, that ye may be filled with this love` And as I did, I had a very distinct impression say, when you are done praying, get up, give him a hug, and tell him you love him. So I did. And all the resentment left. the Spirit returned. the unity returned. The promises contained in the Book of Mormon are real.


Elder Schenewark

Sunday, May 22, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and Missionary friends and family,

Your father, in Bishop mode, has wrought a mighty change. There's a man in our ward, whose wife passed away two years ago, without the sealing ordinance in their lives. She had her recommend to go to the temple, and passed away unexpectedly. He's in a wheelchair, and has been in a retirement center since a few weeks after we arrived 19 months ago. With no ride to come to church, and a son who's controlling his money, he felt unworthy to go to the temple because he couldn't pay his tithing. Your father has lifted a tremendous burden, and he smiled for the first time today when he met with the stake president, because of your father, and was given a recommend and a date to go to the temple to be sealed to his wife. And he loves coming to church. Again.

We have heard the new buzz regarding attire for missionaries because of sun and the Zika virus. The CDC announced it is tracking nearly 300 Zika virus cases in prenant American women, as it can cause stillbirths, microcephaly or other congenital problems. I wholeheartedly approve of their changes. Sister missionaries in pants, and hats and sunglasses. Your mission is on the list. Are you able to pick up a hat? Your Christmas present is sitting in my closet and could be sent if you wish. Would you like me to use my new vision benefit for you and order you prescription sun glasses? Hopefully your box will arrive quickly, and you can let me know about the contacts. Have you mailed your glasses yet? The lens are here and waiting for your frames.

When Breyer decides to go fishing with your father, it's all about the lures. "Does this one go? Do they match? Do they look good together?" It's all about making the lures beautiful. She caught the first fire fly of the season tonight...after spending hours outside. Dad's on her side. He loves them as much as the stars.

She had kindergarten registration this week. Your father handled that with deft. She didn't know her ABC's as well as she could have, she knew her numbers and shapes. She impressed the teacher by knowing the rectangle. I guess that's unusual. She's finally getting excited. Her cooking skills have improved to making fruit bowls. Did I write about this? You put in your order and she'll slice and dice it up. She'll be testing her abilities on our guests that arrive this week.

Some of the end-of-the-school-year activities this week included Sawyer's beginning band concert. They were wonderful. Best music program ever! He was one of a few who completed music requirements to be labeled an all-star.

Porter was invited to awards night for seniors. Although he received no monetary scholarships, since he didn't apply to any, he had a huge list of accomplishments, including being the only senior boy who made both football and basketball all-state academic teams. The also mentioned AP Scholar, Boys State, National Honor Society, National Merit Commended Scholar, UIL, The President's Education Awards Program, and BYU.

Our favorite award though came in the form of a personal note from his Spanish teacher. She said, "I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how much I enjoy having Porter in class.  He is very entertaining and always willing to participate.  I appreciate his enthusiasm and his interest in using Spanish. He is a fine young man with a sweet spirit." All true.

Miller and Sawyer had their last baseball games, as they both lost, they didn't move on in the tournament. Sawyer played catcher and pitcher his final game, Miller catcher, pitcher and short stop. I forgot to take pictures this season as I was always doing their books, but I got some of Sawyer this game. He's never been able to play catcher until this year, because of his glasses, but now he says it is his favorite spot. And he's great behind the plate. He just needs to work on the throws to 2nd.

Tanner and AnneMarie Skyped in tonight. It was fun to laugh with them. One more phone call before she heads off to Africa again. Tanner will sorely miss her. Hopefully he'll get in touch with some family members in California to help pass the time.

I found a great quote by President Monson that made me think of you, all of you missionaries. He said, "I believe the Savior is telling us that unless we lose ourselves in service to others, there is little purpose to our own lives. Those who live only for themselves eventually shrivel up and lose their lives, while those who lose themselves in service to others grow and flourish - and in effect save their lives."

You are flourishing. We are so proud.



Thursday, May 19, 2016

Field Day Fun

Sawyer participated in a LOT of running events! And came out with a handful of ribbons:

50 meter run
100 meter run
200 meter run
4x200 relay

400 meter run

800 meter run

mile run

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chronicles of the Coastal Californians

Dear Hunter,

Just a quick note today! We are loving San Diego and its sights and sounds and seashore. Also Little Italy which you can see below. We went on a gelato tasting tour and smelled all the wonderful restaurants as we walked by. They had Italian American baseball players involved on the lampposts and lots of people were talking boisterously in Italian on the streets.

Today we visited the Mormon battalion visitors center, probably the coolest visitors center I've been to.

President Nelson came to our stake conference today. He talked about having more joy in life. It was a good message and I strengthened my testimony that he and his fellow twelve apostles are called servants of God. He said: "If you want more joy in your life, get to know Jesus Christ...learn the word of the Lord and you will have more joy in your life...if you want to have more joy in your life, be a missionary, worship in the temple. I promise you'll come home happier than you were before...keep the word of wisdom...keep learning. Education with us Latter-day Saints is a religious good citizens...serve other people...Men are that they might have joy…"

We love you and hope you are joyful in the service of your Savior,


Tanner and AnneMarie

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Grand Champion!


May 17, 2016
Second and third graders from Granbury ISD elementary schools squared off in a chess tournament on May 17, 2016, at Mambrino School.
Winning the tournament featuring the top players from all six elementary campuses were two Oak Woods School students.  For third graders, the champion was Sterling Dunagan with Oak Woods classmate Tony Debello coming in as runner-up.  The second-grade champion was Miller Schenewark with Emma Roberson Elementary School student Aaron Gomez as runner-up.  Pictured above are (left to right) Schenwark, Oak Woods principal Donnie Cody, and Dunagan.
The tourney follows a district initiative for all elementary students in the two grade levels to learn problem solving skills through the chess program funded by a grant from the Granbury ISD Education Foundation.  The program began during the 2014-15 school year.
First Move in-class chess curriculum was created specifically for second and third grade students to support the development of foundational critical thinking and problem solving skills, which are 21st century competencies embraced and targeted by GISD.
Students across the district will use the skills taught within the First Move curriculum to improve reading, writing, math, science, and social studies skills during weekly 50-minute lessons taught in their classrooms.
“Chess requires you to think hard, analyze, plan and execute,” according to First Move. “Problem solving and learning are part of a game. Kids learn they can take on something challenging and be successful.”
Playing chess can improve not only in academics and analytical thinking skills and learning but also self-esteem and sportsmanship, the organization reports.

Letter #39

Dear Family and Friends,

This week, perhaps the biggest news was Big D visited our house. And I´m not talking about Kevin Durrant or Dwayne Johnson. I´m talking about d-i-a-r-r-h-e-a. Thankfully, I stayed free but my companion was running in the house a lot. Wednesday and Thursday we stayed pretty low on the radar. Tried visiting a couple people in the afternoon, but each time, we would return to the house after. To one investigator, we showed up a couple minutes early, so he was still shutting down his store, so we said we´d wait for him. After a minute my companion said, I´ll need the bathroom after this lesson. After 3 minutes, he said, we need to leave now. So we said bye to the guy, I think leaving really perplexed him after just a  3 minute wait, but oh well,  and then we barely made it home in time.

We have a list of members, and we are trying to visit the less actives on the list. In choosing this week, we visited someone who would be having a birthday that day, and brought some candy. Absolutely made his week. It was really cool to do that. He said no one had remembered, and was super glad we stopped by.

We ran into some kids, and went back another night to teach them. Wendell is 11, Danielson is 12. Unfortunately there parents are more of the black magic and marijuana type, but we had a good lesson and at the end, teaching how to pray, Danielson said one of the most memorable prayers ever. At 12, he´s asking for good grades in school, a good job one day, to be better in soccer, good employment one day (yes, again, its obviously important for him), and finally, one more time, good employment `so I won´t become a robber´. It was humorous, but at the same time, was straight from his heart. Very, Very sincere and brought the spirit with it.

Saturday, we had zone conference. Left really early, and went up to Campos. It was wonderful to hear and see Pres. and Sister Young. They talked a lot about having love. And, its always nice to pick up a couple letters and hear how everyone is doing. We worked with other missionaries for a day, and then left for the stake center. There, our branch had a van which we took back to town.

Sunday, was the general session of stake conference, so we returned again, this time our branch had a nice tour bus, and it was a fun ride. We had 43 people who went for the branch, which is more people than generally attend sacrament.

Today, I cut my hair. I will admit, not perfectly, but got the job done. Its my first time in Brasil, all the other wards have people who do it for free.

In an old ensign article about 4 things to make a happy home by Pres. Monson;

-1-a pattern of prayer
-2-a library of learning
-3-a legacy of love
-4-a treasure of testimony read this quote, translated roughly,

`Happiness is the objective and purpose of this existince; and will be the end result, if we foolow the path that will bring us there; and this path is virtue, faithfulness, holiness, and obedience to all the commandments of God.` Joseph Smith.

About prayer, Pres. Hinckley said, ``Truly happy is the boy or girl, including those who are already teenagers, in whose home its customary to pray as a family in the mornings and at night.``

So, be happy. Follow the path that leads to happiness. And if you are not praying together as a family twice a day, start now. Like today. I got a letter from Grampy and he said the most powerful missionaries were always united in prayer as a companionship. And I know its the same thing for families.

Love you all!

Elder Schenewark
Enjoy the view.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and missionary friends,

Can you believe another week has passed? Sometimes they go by so fast I can't believe I'm sitting here, trying to remember how my time was occupied.

Sorry I didn't get my letter emailed last week. I type it on the blog, and frequently forget to copy it. Dad usually is my back-up but not last week. You've looked like you've lost a bit of weight. Please eat. More. Your box is on the way. I now have my own vision insurance, and can double up on benefits for you, effective June 1st.  Let me know as soon as you can whether or not you want contacts ordered. I'll get them in the mail right away, as well as the glasses. I can even pick out a new frame for you, instead of glasses, that are lighter and wireless, instead of contacts. Your second benefit kicks in September 1st. Eat. More. Please.

Dad has been home a lot. The winter semester ended, and thus far his summer classes consist of an internship seminar, and an online class. He has the second summer session off, and will teach again in the third summer session, right before the fall semester. So, Breyer and he have especially enjoyed their time together. She goes with him on a lot of errands that I can't take the time to finish. Tailors, watch repair, store, gas, library, bank...Mr. Dad and his sidekick get it all done for me, and then some. Breyer even has my place of honor in the bed on those nights when I'm not home. He also does all the morning commutes to seminary and school, as I'm not always back in time.

One day he went to the craft store, and she talked him into a gallon size container of pink paint. There are remnants of her painting adventures on our kitchen table, and floor. And when walking out for work that night, she knocked it off the counter, and it exploded all over my red shirt, black pants, and in my hair. Such are the adventures with your sister.

The school schedules have increased exponentially in relation to the decreasing school days. Sawyer had a field day, which I'll write about later, but his ribbon pile is massive. Miller the chess tournament, which you've seen. Porter has had volleyball and soccer competitions, and Cooper a tennis swimming pool party and a trip to Six Flags. And more this week.

Sawyer and Miller have gotten the golf bug. I took them both to the driving range one evening so they could drive and putt.. Another evening it was just Miller and I. Breyer wanted to tag along so she brought her putter, but spent her time instead playing with the course mascot, a dog. They've spent warm afternoons washing their clubs and sorting tees. Breyer used her pink paint and fixed a white ball girly style. I hope to get the boys entered in the golf summer camp this year. Your partner at the course where you won the pot has moved to Idaho, but the other PGA pro remembers you well, and was happy to find out Sawyer and Miller were your brothers. He's coaching the #5 junior in the world, and another 9th grader who's ranked high for the state of Texas. Maybe one night I'll bring them there so we can listen in one his lessons.

One morning Breyer wanted hard boiled eggs for breakfast. When I finished the eggs, she decided she'd eat them later for a snack. I didn't think anything about this comment, but noticed a few minutes later she was sitting on the carpet in her "W" position, knees forward, feet back, and rocking.
"Breyer, what are you doing?"
"Being a chicken."
"What does a chicken do?"
"Sit on her eggs."
Yes, she was. All six. Thank goodness they were cooked.

I brought one of her eggs to work that night for my snack. Imagine my surprise, and my co-workers, when I cracked the egg and it dripped all over me and the desk. Lots of laughs. How an uncooked egg got on the shelf, with the cooked eggs, can only be answered by your sister. I didn't bother to ask. She keeps me on my toes, and in this case, on my knees wiping up yolk.

Cooper's latest creative ventures include buying foam board, and creating airplanes from pictures. To scale. This is a glider. He uses white duct tape. He has quite the fleet.

Your grandmother's favorite scripture of late is Luke 10:20. I must have heard her quote it five times while we were together for your cousin's wedding. "Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven." What a blessing to know that Heavenly Father loves you. He knows who Hunter is, that he loves golf, he loves his family, he loves serving Him as a missionary. He knows of your struggles, and desires to be strictly obedient. You too need to rejoice. Your name is written in heaven, and I know it has a few exclamation points that follow, because you please Him so well.

Me too. Know of my love for you!


Saturday, May 14, 2016

Chess Champ

Dear Hunter,

Guess what?

Miller's been playing chess. In second grade. At his school. 

For the past two weeks his school has had a grade level chess tournament.. And he won! He gets to go next week to another elementary school in the city and continue on in the tournament, playing the four other school winners (two from each school).

I'm SO excited for him! Thank you for your love of chess, for teaching him the game, for always being willing to play him. You and Sawyer have made him into a champ.

We'll keep you updated.



Friday, May 13, 2016

A Day with a Dentist

Dear Hunter,

Your  brother had to shadow some one in a biology field. He chose a recently moved to Granbury dentist who's bought into a practice in Glen Rose.

As you can see from his pictures, he was most interested in the creating process of the job. Not such a surprise. And he really appreciated the telly on the ceiling.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Princess Poses

 Dear Elder Schenewark,

We all knew the day would come. Your sister has always been interested in dancing. Not that I've purchased dancing outfits, they've been donated. Not that I've enrolled her in dancing classes, she does that all on her own. Not that I've encouraged her. She does that all by herself as well.

She's found your record player. And records. And when she can find her own music, it's a part of her daily routine. Her dancing and music would make you happy. She makes me happy.

Hopefully this small glimpse into her little world will make you smile for now.

(Sorry for the poor quality. I could only shoot through her closed glass doors. She's quite shy about her dancing.)