Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Chronicles of the Coastal Californians

Dear Hunter,

Just a quick note today! We are loving San Diego and its sights and sounds and seashore. Also Little Italy which you can see below. We went on a gelato tasting tour and smelled all the wonderful restaurants as we walked by. They had Italian American baseball players involved on the lampposts and lots of people were talking boisterously in Italian on the streets.

Today we visited the Mormon battalion visitors center, probably the coolest visitors center I've been to.

President Nelson came to our stake conference today. He talked about having more joy in life. It was a good message and I strengthened my testimony that he and his fellow twelve apostles are called servants of God. He said: "If you want more joy in your life, get to know Jesus Christ...learn the word of the Lord and you will have more joy in your life...if you want to have more joy in your life, be a missionary, worship in the temple. I promise you'll come home happier than you were before...keep the word of wisdom...keep learning. Education with us Latter-day Saints is a religious good citizens...serve other people...Men are that they might have joy…"

We love you and hope you are joyful in the service of your Savior,


Tanner and AnneMarie


Bachland :) said...

San Diego, what fun! Did you get to pan for gold at the Visitor Center? I loved the talking pictures, just like Harry Potter. I would agree coolest Visitor Center ever.

The Renaissance Man said...

We did pan for Gold!!! We are loving it out here:)

CubSctAnn said...

Which Ward are you attending while there?! My Omi lived in El Cajon the last 10 years of her life so we attended church on Orange St. Your cousin Sara is currently in Santee, I attended Grossmont Coll. there for a semester, or two, too long ago to remember! Love and Miss you! <3 <3 <3