Sunday, May 8, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and Missionary Friends,

How fun to see you and talk with you. I'm just so happy to see your face I forget to talk. You do us proud. You're such a great missionary. And you have so much you can do down there. Have fun!

Dad wanted to talk with you about the Olympics. You'll have to fill him in if stuff is going on down there. Your president has been impeached. I'm sure the games will go on, but excitement here in the U.S., is at an all time low.

Since you were asking, I found a picture of  "The Bishop." He wears the mantle well. He loves you dearly as well.

Our little birds outside our front door, up in the alcove, are back. Their nest is now full size, and the mother bird is now sitting on her eggs. It will be fun to watch them. And watch out for their droppings when we walk out the front door, up in the air and down on the ground.

Every day at work has been an adventure. The first day I was told about rats and ghosts. Really. Rats the size of fire extinguishers, running on the ground and in the ceiling. Now I know why they want me to wear boots. Truly, I had on open toed shoes while learning about our roommates, and myfeet lifted up off the floor.

And the ghost. A very benevolent spirit that makes noise, helps when she can, and keeps you from getting lonely in the dark bathroom.

The second day was a misadventure. I had five miles go to, and thirty minutes, and still ended up being ten minutes late. Ugh! Then, on the way home, my new co-worker and I, going out the same door we had come in, set off an alarm. We ran and hid in the elevator, busting a gut we were laughing so hard. Good times with our security swipe cards, our cards to clock in, our mandatory badges, and keys. Good grief. It's not Fort Knox!

The third day, as I was driving home and almost home, just past the "Welcome to Granbury" sign, my tire exploded. It was shredded with long five inch  explosions all along the sidewall. Dad had to come and rescue me. In his big white van. And, as I went to bed, he spent part of his day getting the tire replaced, and put back on for me.

Breyer has the cooking bug. I've told you about her hard boiled egg escapade. Now she makes "family fruit bowl." She loves to throw frozen fruit, such as blueberries in a bowl. She cuts up a banana into pieces, like six big slices, sometimes she'll cut up an apple. She loves to make it for you, so ask her when you can.

She's been hanging out with Dad this week when I sleep. Just wonderful. They're also bonding in the bed at night, as that's the shift I'm currently on.

Yesterday morning began early when Porter and Sawyer went to the newly constructed YMCA for basketball. Sawyer had moves, and was a legend by the time Priesthood began. He played against Porter, who dominated his half of the court. Fun to rub shoulders in a different venue.

Miller and Sawyer had one of their last games yesterday, at the same time, and both pitching. They both did great. Sawyer's been videotaping Miller to show him how to improve. Miller's been throwing everyday against the backyard retaining wall. His improvement was enthusiastically noted at practice Thursday, and again at the game. He's not timid at all at throwing against the batter now. We used Sawyer's sculpting head he made for scouts, on the wall, as a potential batter, so Miller felt like he could practice without worrying about hitting a real body. Or head. Success.

Cooper spent all day yesterday working. His lawn business is up and running. He worked at three different homes, with his Hunter friend, and finished close to 5 p.m. He's earned enough money to pay for two scout camps. I think he also wants to buy an ocean fishing pole.

I might be going back to bed for a few minutes. But I'm still smiling from hearing your voice. Have a wonderful week.

We love you!



shirlgirl said...

Sounds like you've had an exciting week at work. Hope next week is a little better. Hope you had a great Mother's Day. Love, Aunt Shirley

The Renaissance Man said...

That's quite the busy week Mom! I don't know if we treat police stations but they should find someone to treat those rats! Way to Coop!

CubSctAnn said...

What a week! Can't wait to enjoy, with you, your barn swallows! :)