Sunday, November 30, 2014

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Collins Street Bakery

Corsicana, Texas always smells yummy!
The bakery is always crowded, but quick to served
And if they are cleaning the floors the day you want a tour, they'll bring the tour outside to you!

(And their pumpkin cheese cake is delish!)

Friday, November 28, 2014

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

The Hole

It takes a LOT of work to dig a hole!

But they REALLY want a basketball hoop!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Live Thankfully: Mission Granbury

"Extending our smiles to the hearts and stomachs of the Granbury community," Dr. Purzinsky, Pediatric Dentist in Granbury sponsored the "Live Thankfully" food drive.

Purple bags were handed out and food was collected at four different stations...

And a LOT of bags were filled!

I'm grateful my children could stop and think about all the food that was freely given, and all those who might need so much.

With All Our Love

Dear Boys,

Recently I was thinking about living during the Great Depression. Life was hard. Hard to find and keep employment, hard to have any money, hard to put food on the table, hard to maintain keep of a family. Bent nails were straightened and reused, scraps of anything were saved to be used for everything. There were no extras, no frills, no toys, no luxuries of belongings or play. Being a child of parents who survived such a time undoubtedly were taught how to survive hard things. "Wear it out, use it up, or do without" was their creed. My mother was such a product. I spent summers getting up before dawn to help irrigate and weed the garden, was asked to help can trash cans full of grapes, peel hundreds of pounds of potatoes...the work was never done. So tell me why I am grateful for learning how to work? There were many things we're asked to do today that can be considered hard. You both worked hard in school, and reaped the rewards. The choices available to you would have been less appealing, fewer in number, and limited in scope. Some doors to opportunities would remain closed, and some closed for good. Understanding the importance of knowing how to work is an eternal principle I'm thankful I learned, and hope you to have caught the vision.

It will be work having you home. I will have to re-amp my cooking skills, and pick up my laundry pace, But working hard brings blessings, and you two are all I ask for.

The day of your arrival is soon hear, and the gang is ready! All four of your brothers finished school Friday, for a week or so, and in celebration all camped out on the floor. You have your choice of  beds ;-) Our friends arrived Friday afternoon.

We quickly whisked them off to Porter's first home basketball game. They played Waco University, and lost. But it was a very entertaining game to watch. The team just couldn't break through the first quarter ten point lead. Porter played a strong forward, had great assists, great passes...definitely needs to shoot more and work on the free throws.

Saturday the boys all went to the stake basketball tournament. I think their team never showed, but they played a LONG game by default, even DAD! Porter was especially glad to see him out on the floor. Cooper had a few good shots, Sawyer was on the receiving end of a few floor to floor length passes that were caught without blinking, and then in for the lay up. They all do love to play!

The Dewey family had an old hoop on a pole at their old house to give away, so it was picked up, and plans were made for tomorrow's cementing in of the pole. Consider it Miller's early birthday present. He is missing a hoop desperately!

Last night Cooper spent his evening making a Christmas tree out of Dad's library books. It took quite a long time, and was much larger than I thought it would be - all in honor of Tanner's love of learning, love of books, and his homecoming.

Today, in honor of Hunter's love of sport, games, and competition, all the boys wore golf ties to celebrate his coming home. We are SO ready!

Travel safely, remember our love for you, and stick together!



Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Presidential Picture

BYU President Worthen 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

A Shining Star!

\"Miller is a Shining Star at Oak Woods. He is smart, hard-working, kind and a good friend. Miller is always looking for a way to help others. He always participates and provides thoughtful answers. He loves reading and math. He looks for others who have needs and is always the first one to help. He is a sweet boy and wonderful to have in class."

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

What are you THANKFUL for?

Dear Boys,

Last night for family home evening, Sawyer had us say two things which we were thankful for. I wasn't sure Breyer would understand what he was asking, but she immediately answered, "Jelly beans and ballet."

A ? comes to mind, but she made us all smile.

Have a wonderful day!



Monday, November 17, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Tanner and Hunter,

What a week! Your grandparents were here through Wednesday evening. You'll remember last week's Skype phone could you forget? Your grandfather's unexpected appearance in his pajamas, with all the laughs, was memorable. Your grandparents grew to love Granbury while they were here. The historic square was walked, the stores were perused, the library was visited and the used books were bought, the bookcases in a ten mile radius were measured, the golf swings assessed, the restaurants sampled...

...the basketball dribbling discussed...

...the princesses dissected...

...the culinary concoctions eaten, the mending darned, the wash cleaned, the errands run, the door fixed...we did all that needed to be done and then some.

To avoid traffic driving to the airport, and the cost of a shuttle service, Jarrod drove them the night before to the Marriott, wherein they enjoyed a leisurely breakfast and shuttle ride to the airport. May the odds be ever in my favor with another visit!

Thursday evening I went to the elementary school for Miller's first grade Thanksgiving play. He was adamant about his displeasure in being forced to participate. He was a preacher ("amen!"), a cute dancer, a satisfactory singer, and an enthusiastic exit-er.

Yesterday Dad and I went to Porter's second scrimmage. He's working with a new coach, that finally finished the football season and is now available to coach. He played most of the game...definitely a player you can tell they're very interested in developing to their way of playing basketball.

Cooper found out after going through basketball try outs all week that he did not make the team. We're thrilled he did this all on his own, and he's content to continue practicing his clarinet after school in the band room instead.

Miller found a blue blazer hanging in his closet yesterday, that I had pulled out of his bucket, and had an affinity for blazers moment that I would never had guessed would be possible from him. After his bath Saturday evening he ironed his white shirt and tie, and got dressed in his Sunday clothes so he could see what he looked like in his blazer. He loved it. He didn't want to take it off. Short of letting him sleep in it, I convinced him he wouldn't like it as much wrinkled so he took it off and carefully laid it on the bathroom floor until this morning. He looked very handsome, especially after we convinced him his collars weren't suppose to be up but to lay flat.

Miller also loves to dress up like a cowboy. I think with the weather turning cold, and him wearing jeans with belt loops, triggered the itch. He finds a belt, stuffs guns in his pockets, and wears his trusty felt hat. And usually his adventures include Breyer. Mostly as the object to be tackled, shot or lassoed.

In my lesson today I reminisced on Tanner's six hour service requirement for boy scouts, sewing quilts for the Linus Project. Knowing these were bereavement blankets I'm sure helped, but as he pieced and sewed those quilts together, his heart softened. It was easy from there to talk about what being truly converted means, and how our actions indicate whether or not we have a change of heart.

We love you! Nine more days! Until then, remember to be safe, to be happy, and who you belong to.



P.S. While the boys were working on their cooking merit badge requirements, the instructor showed them that if you indent your hamburger patties, in the middle, with your thumb, the burger won't shrink while it's cooking. They all thought that was a very good tip.