Thursday, July 30, 2015

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Passport Pose

(And there's still a LOT left to do on his list!)

Monday, July 27, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

What a great weekend! Breyer and Ruth have been inseparable. They run from room to room and activity to activity together, mindless of who might be following them, or watching them. Even in one hundred degree heat they braved the outside temperatures and spent many hours catching toads, currently residing on our back porch because of the air conditioner drip. Just enough moisture to keep those toads around. And we did warn the girls that kissing toads to find princes was not allowed!

They giggled in the bath tub, in the bedroom closet, sitting next to each other in their car seats, eating at the picnic table, and reading books before bed. They are kindred spirits, and will miss each other when tomorrow's separation begins. We, the mothers, have decided that this needs to be a yearly tradition, and it will be my turn to travel next year.

We enjoyed reading AnneMarie's Africa update. She answered questions we had about what exactly she was helping to educate the residents regarding. Very interesting. The standing ovation was impressive. This was my favorite picture this week.

Not much else has happened here. We've enjoyed walks and beach trips, a quick trip to Fort Worth to see the stock yards (more later), and the library. One more day and our house guests will be leaving. Last night your favorite aunt from California pulled into town as well. Our house is full! But we're laughing more, playing lots of games, dragging her on our late night walks, and trying to convince them to move to Texas ;-) They too leave tomorrow.

Cooper begins tennis camp in the morning...yeah!
Porter begins football next Monday.
Hunter is excited to play in the course golf tournament Wednesday. He says he's finally ready.
Sawyer's sport right now is golf. He loves to go early mornings with Hunter.
Miller needs a sport. Golf with Hunter isn't enough, he's ready to go again after lunch.
Dad's a good sport. He gave up his bed, and is sleeping on his cot.

It's a little short this week, as I just wrote on Wednesday, but long on love.

Have a most wonderful week, finish strong, make lots of money!



P.S. Of course, when I think of Pioneer Day, I think of your grandparents. Carry on!

Friday, July 24, 2015

A Princess Comes to Visit

After six boys and a lot of boy cousins, it's wonderful to see the girls in action...




Bedtime giggles...

Early morning toad catching!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

I'm back home again. Going home was wonderful. There's nothing more contrasting than going from the flat, open, brown spaces of Texas to the rolling, tree-lined hills of New England. All in under four hours. The air smells so good I had to roll the window down while driving home from the airport.

Having made the reservation at the last minute, and not really telling anyone I was coming, mostly due to not thinking of telling anyone I was coming, I was most worried about not seeing Richard my down in Connecticut sibling. Traveling without one's own car makes visiting difficult. But he found a way, and chased me down the aisles of the library, while I was looking for a book to take to the hospital. Such a tender mercy, concluded in under ten minutes, and worth every penny of my airplane ticket.

I also was visited by your lovely Aunt Shirley. I so appreciate her willingness to always come visit me. I never have to travel to visit her. Ever. We had a lovely chat, and a perusal through Mom's amazing vegetable and flower garden, and she was off.

I spent a couple of hours with Karen at your grandfather's police station. She always asks me to stop in, but I never can with too much to do and too many people usually needing me to take care of. It was a fantastic visit. I almost have her convinced to come visit Fort Worth/Dallas.

And having some sister time is so  rejuvenating. All we do is laugh. And laugh. I appreciate their efforts to travel while I'm in town. This is the first time in twenty some years our whole family hasn't traveled together, and I liked it! Coming by myself was refreshing.

After reuniting with your sister, and lying with her as she went to sleep, all her questions were about AnneMarie. Why did she get sick? When can she visit Africa? Does she get to see cheetahs, her favorite animal? When is she coming back? This is my favorite picture thus far, and truly exemplifies her sweet spirit.

Breyer spends a lot of her day catching the baby toads conjugating on our backyard patio. They like the water drips from the air conditioner drain. This morning one came hopping into my bedroom! Welcome home!

I heard from the photographer, the pictures are in! I'll probably get them Sunday. Her email made it sound like I would be getting your disc as well. This is one of my favorites thus far ;-)

I went to church in Worcester, sat and sang with the Bachs, hugged some Ferrins and Valdez. Napped and ate with the Bachs, and felt very loved and pampered. It's so nice to be around friends. And we're all so grateful for their good health.

I hope I was able to contribute to my stay. Before my hospital visits were needed, I spent one morning in the garden with Mom picking yellow beans, transplanting broccoli and tomato plants, carrying rocks for a garden edge, and harvesting vegetables. So fun!

Your Aunt Alana will be here tomorrow...are we ready? After I clean six days accumulated wash piles, sprucify the boys' bedroom, and restock the fridge and cupboards. That's the bare minimum, plus her sleeping accommodations will need attention. And Breyer is so excited to have some cousin time with Ruthie.

Have a wonderful week! I'm back, call me!



Thursday, July 16, 2015