Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Golf Tournament

Hood County News Junior Golf Tournament

Sawyer earned a 1st place medal, shooting under par on 18 holes until the last two holes.
Two course representatives heard about his score and came to watch.
He'll have to work on being nervous when eyes are on him.

Miller was in a third place tie for first place until the tie-breaker shoot off.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Letter #99

Dear Family and Friends,

What do you say on your last preparation day? I would like to simply bear my testimony one more time, as a representative of our Savior Jesus Christ and His church.

I know that God is our Heavenly Father. He loves us. He yearns for our good. I testify that He sent His only begotten son, Jesus Christ to atone for our sins. I know that Christ suffered for each one of us individually. He bled and died for us. He has provided all of us a way, through repentance and His grace, to be able to return and live with them in the Celestial Kingdom.

I know that the Holy Ghost really does guide and lead. He testifies of the truth, fortifies against sin and temptation, and helps us become pure. I know that Joseph Smith saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and was called to be a prophet. He translated the Book of Mormon. I testify that the Bible and the Book of Mormon both contain the words of God. I am so thankful for the wisdom and truth they contain, and how they can light our paths and help us reach our potential and have the Holy Ghost in our lives.

I know that today we have a living prophet, seer, and revelator in Thomas Monson. I know that it is through obedience that we come unto our Savior. As He said, if ye love me, keep my commandments. I know that when we make mistakes, we can repent, and return to the path. I know that families can be forever. I will be forever grateful for the chance I had to serve here, in the Brasil Vitoria Mission.

In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Schenewark

Monday, July 17, 2017

Bobsled Buddies

Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center

Team Brazil

Sunday, July 16, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Your father will have left for a business trip early Sunday morning, and the computer will go with him. He warned me earlier in the week, and we thought it best to work on the weekly letter a little bit each day this week to ensure your mailbox would have mail early Monday morning.

Monday? I haven't laughed so hard and so long in forever! It all started with my daily question of what to make for dinner. I was perusing the fridge, wondering if there were leftovers, when I saw a small container of chicken meat. Combined with the baggie of carrots, the half bag of uncooked pasta, I was psyched to be using all the bits and parts up. And frozen leftover lasagna from the freezer to fill in the holes. Only after cooking carrots and noodles, and adding seasoning, did I add the meat, then realizing it wasn't chicken. It was tuna. From the day before. How could I not remember? How did my nose not remember? And then Breyer wanted some. And then Sawyer. And then Sawyer's friend over for the day. And they all ate the entire bowl! I came home later and the whole pot was gone. I just about died retelling the story to Dad, who was so glad he didn't choose soup.

We heard tonight from Bro. Welch that Sis. Niceler passed away yesterday. One of her last Facebook entries was on the 4th, wishing you a Happy Birthday. She is one of those valiant spirits you're blessed to have crossed paths with.

Tuesday? Miller and Sawyer went to the driving range, not having been on the greens since December. Even Breyer wanted to go. They were there to gear up for their tournament but more so wanting to be ready for you when you would play with them.

Wednesday, Best day ever! Sawyer and Miller were very successful in their golf tournament, both coming home with first place medals. And, your Uncle Roger and Mason flew into town. Stories were flying faster than the laughs. Boy stuff ruled. Even though they were up at 0330 a.m. to head to the airport, and were an hour ahead in time, they lasted until midnight. Seeing downtown Granbury's historic square and jail, a glimpse at the beach, and Davy Crockett's wife's grave, were some of the highlights.

Thursday there was a little bit of metal detecting going on,as well as a trip to Lockheed to see the F-35 production line, since Roger's BAE is providing the weaponry. Alamo on the big screen, a few games, and roping and riding with a cutter horse cowboy completed the day.

Friday the crew headed down south to see the Alamo, the San Antonio temple, Fredericksburg, and a rodeo. Just a whole lot in a short amount of time. Plus there was some fancy lemon meringue pie, and Baby Head Cemetery. I know the pictures will be worth the thousand words.

Saturday the boy gang headed off to the Fort Worth Stockyards and some Texas barbecue. Miller, Sawyer and I had baseball tournaments, and were joined by the boy gang for a couple of innings in Sawyer's game. Sawyer was picking up his bat, near a teammate warming up with a wood bat and wiffle balls, and got hit in the head. Probably has a minor concussion. Was feeling nauseous the first game, and only batted. He felt better by the second, and pitched well enough to only face ten batters in three innings.

We'll miss Roger and Mason. I love having a lot of boys around me, and this week has been wonderful. Hopefully their Texas adventure was fun, and will come back for another man-cation.

Porter went with your Tyler cousins to Colorado Springs. Their family had a few vacation days, and Porter and Luke wanted one last hurrah. They enjoy each other, feed off of each other, complement each other, and will sorely miss one another. He'll come home Wednesday evening, the same time as your father, who leaves for his trip in the morning.

I saw that former Brazilian President Silva has been convicted of corruption charges, including money laundering, and sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. Has this impacted you in anyway, in regards to protests or unrest?

We are down to under two weeks! Can hardly wait. My heart beats faster whenever I stop to think about you coming home. Here. To me. Finish strong.

All my love,


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Iron Horse Farm


Monday, July 10, 2017

Letter #98

Dear Family and Friends,

Last Monday, we visited an old monastery, built in 1558, above the towns of Vila Velha and Vitoria. We made the hike up the mountain, and were greeted by magnificent views and a morning mass. After that, it was off to the branch president´s house where we enjoyed a barbecue a la American style, complete with BBQ sauce.

Tuesday, we had a huge birthday spread, and at night there was a surprise party (pictures to follow later) at a member´s house. And Thursday, we had pasta and then 5 liters of ice cream we had to eat. Delicious! Yet, the best part happened on Tuesday when we were able to give a blessing to a very sick lady in the branch, and she came up to us on Sunday looking like a different person and told us that she had been completely cured. I have seen so many times the power of the priesthood! It is real, and it works miracles!

Wednesday we had zone conference with the Mazzagardi´s. It was wonderful to meet them, and I have been impressed so far. They are different than the Young´s yet have been called of God. Sis. Mazzagardi is a real trooper and inspiration. She lost her two daughters after they were born prematurely due to her cancer. And, with that cancer, she lost the ability to speak (being tongue cancer). She went two years with out speaking anything, and has spent the last eight years learning to talk again. They have stressed strict obedience and the fact that we are representatives of Christ.

Thursday, we had our leadership council with them, where we could again learn a lot, and know of their faith and courage. Wednesday night, we went to Guarapari to do a couple of baptismal interviews. I talked with Sarah, but she had a doubt, so we decided to put the Book of Mormon to the test to try and help her. After a prayer, she opened it up to a random page and pointed to the first verse she saw. I saw that she had opened to Alma 44, and honestly my faith wavered. The war chapters aren't the best when talking about baptism. But this time, I was the one who really learned a lesson, when the first sentence she read talked about making a covenant of peace. It answered her question, and yesterday was baptized.

For what has to be a new record, it again poured Sunday morning, making four  Sundays straight, making it very hard to bring people to church. This time, we left the house at 7;30, and after having rained all night, I thought it would hold off. Alas, it was not to be, and 15 minutes later, the heavens were opened. And we didn't have any umbrella, which is not a terrible problem for us, but when we got to our lead investigator's house, she too did not have an umbrella, and wasn't willing to venture out without cover. So, we pleaded, ten minutes, and went looking for one. And miraculously, we got one, and everyone made it to church on time.


Elder Schenewark

Sunday, July 9, 2017

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Only two weeks and change! So, so excited! Our house will be full, my heart will be fuller.

We spent our July 4th holiday in Tyler, and stayed longer than we anticipated. The swimming pool and company made it hard to leave. And we even had your fireworks.The pool table is being warmed up for your return.

Eight missionaries ate a festive lunch together at the Bachs in celebration of your birthday. Only the fireworks were missing.

Your cousin Greg is in Hong Kong having an adventure...I've thoroughly enjoyed his culturally expressive photos!

Your Uncle Ben's labradoodle had puppies, and your sweet cousin Brady got one for his birthday, flown all the way from Utah to New Hampshire for his sixth birthday. #ABoyAndHisDog

Your brothers make me laugh every day. Today in church Sawyer was giving Porter wet willies in his ear, Porter was tickling Miller's ribs, and Miller was stealing Breyer's pens. All at the same time! Cooper has been keeping busy with his lawn mowing business, and making long boards. Mason and Uncle Roger arrive this week, and Mason has put in an order for one board. Dad and I have been making the list for their Texas Man-cation. From Dallas to San Marcos to Fort Worth, rattlesnakes to roping to fighter jets and barbecue, Dad's got it all covered. Stay tuned!

Sawyer and Miller are wrapping up their all star baseball season, yesterday and then next week finishes it off. No rings since their first tournament but hopefully next will they'll finish strong. Playing, watching and baking in 100 degrees isn't pleasant, just Texas.

The boys have their first golf tournament this week. They're so excited to play with you. They haven't been on the course since December. We're going early in the morning to drive, just for fun. And other golf related news around the home? The boys bought an X-Box for $20 at a garage sale. Their biggest find was the golf game. Just for you.

Tanner is having success at work. Ranking ahead of all the new hires, and surpassing their weekly and monthly goals. He heads to Orlando in the morning for a floor show, and will earn $7 for each person he can get to sign up for a free trial of his accounting product. AnneMarie's belly has finally popped enough to make her look like she's expecting. And, within the week of your and her birthdays, your niece made her presence known with a resounding kick.

We, your parents, are trying to become more literate in the fast moving world of technology. We don't have cell phones, but now Instagram accounts so keep up with our children. And spent the last thirty minutes laughing at Cooper's humor evident in the posts under his pictures.

In a picture of his sunburn from scout camp, "Good news, the sun burn doesn't hurt anymore. Bad news, Michael Jackson has been reincarnated."

"So my parents don't know this, but every now and then I sneak outside for a quick smoke. I've smoked chicken. I've smoked brisket. However, today I thought I'd try something different...shish

"A new CIA torture method has been leaked. It's known as sunburned feet and I got to beta test it for them. Thank goodness for a hammock and little sisters to ease the pain."

"If anyone (local) needs a good-lookin, fun-loving guy on a good-lookin, seriously-overpowered mower to cut their grass, give me a ring."

"This is how many glasses of water it takes for three guys to cool down after the BLAZIN heat of the GHOST PEPPER hot wings at BDUBS. Faces were red, tears were shed, we feel like we should be in hospital beds."

"Pulled pork on the left. Brisket on the right. Me in the middle deciding which to eat first."

We were studying Section 24 this week in Sunday School, and I have been pondering on the Law of Miracles, vs. 13-14. This section was given when the Church was newly organized yet persecution "had become intense."

"Require not miracles, 
except I shall command you, 
except casting out devils, 
healing the sick, 
and against poisonous serpents, 
and against deadly poisons;
And these things ye shall not do, except it be required of you by them who desire it."

I find it interesting that even though there might be intense persecution, we're not to require miracles.
We fed the missionaries last night, and they shared with us how the missionary leaders in the mission office spoke of daily miracles that occur in the Fort Worth mission. I know from my parents' experiences they too experienced daily miracles with their missionaries. I know of the miracles you and Tanner have shared with us. And I know that your miracles are from your work. Physical, mental, emotional, through faith. And we're so proud. Keep up the good work.