Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bringing a Boy Back Home

Mr. Brown Sign and a brother had many adventures before they arrived, and a few more on the way back home again!

Monday, April 27, 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

Now that Hunter's arriving home tonight you are the lone ghost rider out of our home. You are the first trifecta of an unusual Sunday. I was happy to hear you'd arrived safely. I know that after traveling for two days, and moving into your new apartment, and unpacking, and meeting your co-workers, all tonight, will be very busy. Hence, I chose not to call you tonight. Having gotten this Facebook message from Iris Monson was a tender mercy for this mother heart of mine: "Amy! David, our youngest son pulled into the parking lot of the complex in which he'll be living for the next four months selling for Altera pest control--and who should he see but your son Tanner!! What a wonderful surprise!! I'm so thrilled these two get to spend time together--even if it is working their bahoofas off! LOL." Call me on your lunch break ;-)

The second trifecta of course is your wingman's arrival, still impending. They're probably due to arrive around 10 p.m. CST, with I'm sure many tales and pictures of adventures. The cell service has been spotty at best so honestly I haven't talked to them for more than a few thirty second hastily delivered messages.

And of course the third trifecta of the evening involves all the tornadoes landing near and around us this evening. Your father, because he loves me, bought and installed, in my bedroom, a weather radio for me as he was walking out the door to drive to Utah on Thursday. The constant weather updates have been played all weekend. Tonight the alarm has been beeping constantly, as a tornado touched down in Stephenville, then Glen Rose near Dinosaur State Park, hail has fallen, and we're under warning (not watch) until 1 a.m. It's going to be a long night ;-) I have officially "Liked" the local meteorologist on Facebook and "Followed" him on Twitter as he does a great job updating his page, and posts times the tornado comes through each community. Your brothers aren't handling the alarm sounds so well. Miller runs into his closet in a panic, Sawyer follows, pretending to comfort him. Breyer does a lot of running back and forth, but is loving the excitement. Cooper reads. Along with that awful, awful earthquake in Nepal, and the volcano in Chile, the signs of the times are manifested in fury this week!
Dad's rocking chairs arrived. Cooper's scout troop is trying to earn money, and handed out flyers last week advertising "Rent-A-Scout" to earn money for scout camp. So of course I hired him to put together the rocking chairs, not knowing there were only six screws. He also fixed the off-track zipper on the hugglepod, and got it hung back up in the boys' room. Very nice. Next, I think I'll hire him to get my shelf up in the washroom for my laundry baskets. I have sat in those chairs multiple times for multiple days. I'm in love with my view (think Breyer's bluebonnet field).

Cooper and Sawyer also were "rented" Saturday morning at the Hamiltons (think BBQ man), hand picked along with two other boys, to weed his gardens for three hours first thing Saturday morning. They also got to rinse off in his pool, and pocketed $30 each for scout camp. I might need to make him some cinnamon rolls for supporting the scouting program!

One of the things that put a smile on my face, besides the rocking chairs arriving, was our local UPS driver. He was on the driveway long enough for me to notice he drives around the neighborhood with a Milk-Bone box on his dashboard. Must work for I'm sure his all-too-frequent with enemies of the canine variety. If all our problems in life could be solved so simply. But I smiled because he figured out to handle that nuisance in his work day.

Breyer was listening to a CD all about dinosaurs, from her grandmother, and began to cry. "Breyer, what's wrong?" "I'm just so sad all the dinosaurs are dead! I won't ever get to see the long necks! Or the King!" We then had a very logical discussion about their possible demise, including her ideas of the earth, disease, and no food.

All of our baseball and soccer practices and games have been cancelled due to wet fields. Miller was invited to try out for the all star team. He's beyond ecstatic. He lives for this stuff. There are actually two teams, an A and B. I'd be surprised if he's not on the A team ;-)

Hunter and two of his brothers have eight o'clock dentist appointments in the morning. Love it! Nothing like having a driver back home, and an empty house first thing Monday morning.

Hope your week goes smoothly. Go get em'! Have fun storming your castles this week!



Saturday, April 25, 2015

Dr "J"

Representing the Kinesiology Department during Tarleton's KTRL 90.5 "The Planet" fundraiser drive

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Power of Play

Cooper made a mini Mount Rushmore. George Washington (second from the left) and Abraham Lincoln (third from the left) are my favorites. And he did not have a picture!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Power of Play

 Sawyer was inspired by the latrine instructions he found in his Boy Scout book, and made one, G.I. Joe size.

Dad reminded him he would need toilet paper ;-)

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Power of Play

Cooper creating sails from a bed skirt, a walking stick, two golf clubs, and rope.
And it worked!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

With All Our Love

Dear Tanner and Hunter,

We love you! We are more than excited to have Hunter home very soon. Breyer has decided she'll be playing with you all day long, her personal, live toy. Speaking of your sister, she told me last night, while going to bed, she had had a lovely day. So assuming I was the reason behind her having such a lovely day asked, "Was it because I took you to the park?" No. "Was it because I bought you a shake?" No. "Was it the doughnuts I brought home for breakfast?" No. "Why was your day so lovely, Miss B?" "Because I got to wrestle with Miller and I didn't get hurt." He is her life, she calls him her prince, and she has already announced their engagement. Breyer has also decided, in part because of our most missed Ohio neighbors, and her love for your aunt's dachshund, Rosie, that she wants to be called Rose.

She hasn't wanted to go to her class at church. I am not above bribes. Today, I calmly told her she could sit by her prince, and dream about drinking root beer when she got home. It worked. And she did.

Cooper and Breyer had a lot of laughs today after church. He convinced her she needed a backpack. She looked like a drunk Sponge Bob.

Wednesday morning Porter and his track team participated in a regional track meet. He placed sixth, with twelve feet, and came home cooked. His white skin was almost purple, and by evening he had blisters all over his shoulders and upper arms. He wore as little as possible to school, and by the following evening wasn't in as much pain. He's still very, very red, and is peeling in places.

Friday evening Dad drove Porter to the Mormon prom in Fort Worth. He got all spiffed up...but was in pain every time a fancy girl put her hand on his shoulder to dance ;-) Dad had a good time chaperoning.

Saturday morning Sawyer played in a last minute all star basketball tournament here in town. The refs, not calling anything short of intentional, allowed the first game to degenerate to jungle ball. The second game was much better, and after reminding Sawyer to keep his feet underneath him, he only fell once vs. ten times in the first game. He was almost their only scorer in both games, both which were lost.

(Marble tracks on the wall from Cooper's class)

We stopped at the adoption clinic the local animal shelter sponsored Saturday afternoon. Breyer was fully aware that we have to have a fence before a dog, and enjoyed petting the dogs. She still thinks she wants a dachshund.

Your father took the three older boys to the Dallas temple Saturday afternoon. It was Sawyer's first time, and enjoyed himself immensely. Isn't he so so cute?

Your father loves driving them up and back, and finding good places to eat.When he heard everybody else was going to a pizza place he left in the opposite direction and went to Rudy's, one of his favorite BBQ places. Your brothers do know how to eat!

My lesson today was on the restoration of the gospel, and why it was necessary. I loved this quote by L. Tom Perry, one of my favorite apostles: "The gospel has been restored to the earth for all those who will listen and obey." I'm grateful you listen. I'm thankful you obey. What more could a mother ask for?



P.S. We're glad your trip to Vegas was so much fun!