Monday, July 27, 2015

With All My Love

Dear Tanner,

What a great weekend! Breyer and Ruth have been inseparable. They run from room to room and activity to activity together, mindless of who might be following them, or watching them. Even in one hundred degree heat they braved the outside temperatures and spent many hours catching toads, currently residing on our back porch because of the air conditioner drip. Just enough moisture to keep those toads around. And we did warn the girls that kissing toads to find princes was not allowed!

They giggled in the bath tub, in the bedroom closet, sitting next to each other in their car seats, eating at the picnic table, and reading books before bed. They are kindred spirits, and will miss each other when tomorrow's separation begins. We, the mothers, have decided that this needs to be a yearly tradition, and it will be my turn to travel next year.

We enjoyed reading AnneMarie's Africa update. She answered questions we had about what exactly she was helping to educate the residents regarding. Very interesting. The standing ovation was impressive. This was my favorite picture this week.

Not much else has happened here. We've enjoyed walks and beach trips, a quick trip to Fort Worth to see the stock yards (more later), and the library. One more day and our house guests will be leaving. Last night your favorite aunt from California pulled into town as well. Our house is full! But we're laughing more, playing lots of games, dragging her on our late night walks, and trying to convince them to move to Texas ;-) They too leave tomorrow.

Cooper begins tennis camp in the morning...yeah!
Porter begins football next Monday.
Hunter is excited to play in the course golf tournament Wednesday. He says he's finally ready.
Sawyer's sport right now is golf. He loves to go early mornings with Hunter.
Miller needs a sport. Golf with Hunter isn't enough, he's ready to go again after lunch.
Dad's a good sport. He gave up his bed, and is sleeping on his cot.

It's a little short this week, as I just wrote on Wednesday, but long on love.

Have a most wonderful week, finish strong, make lots of money!



P.S. Of course, when I think of Pioneer Day, I think of your grandparents. Carry on!

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