Saturday, November 8, 2014

Best Surprise Birthday Ever!

What more could I send you for your birthday than what is arriving today from 91 Brigham street? I gave Mom a hug to give to you last night as I came back through from the airport. Enjoy your senior discounts J

Love you and your family – You are a blessing to many, you are a blessing to me. “Happy, Happy birthday Amy dear – “



Jennifer Whitcomb said...

Yay!!! Fifty is pretty nifty and you rock the look! Happy Birthday Amy--I'm so glad you were born!!

Smilin' sunshine said...

That is an amazing birthday gift! Lucky girl! Happy Birthday.

MarieC said...

yay!! how fun! And, I would have never guessed you for 50! I thought you were younger than me (heading for 48 in January).

Wholly Duncan said...

What a great birthday surprise! Happy Birthday!

shirlgirl said...

What a wonderful gift for your 50th! Your Dad looks GREAT!! So happy they could visit you on your birthday and in your new home. Bet everyone was thrilled to see them. Hope you had an awesome 50th. Lots of love--Aunt Shirley