Monday, November 10, 2014

With All Our Love

Dear Boys,

What a wonderful week! Having your grandparents visit has been delightful, especially since only one of them was expected on Friday. Dad got a little lost, and a lot pulled over for speeding, but finally made it to the airport, only to get a little lost again on the way back and a lot late coming home. Getting up at 3 something made for an early night, but that night included dinner, cake, presents, and lots of laughs.

Thank you SO much for the card - loved your sweet thoughts to me. It was fun to get in the mail! Really appreciate your remembering me!

Breyer's newest obsession now comes in the form of Christmas catalogs that fill our mailboxes from now to Christmas. She pours over the pages looking for toys, and LOVES to have anyone share in her excitement. Thus far, her favorites are pink fairy wings, and a soft house full of cats.

Porter had a basketball scrimmage Saturday morning. He started the game but didn't play a lot, as the football players, there for the first time, played as their "try out." It is hard watching the team, as their style is so different than the last six years in Ohio. Much more outside shooting, and generally less of everything.

We took your grandparents to the old jail downtown. We'll post more pictures later, but suffice it to say Breyer was spooked by the dolls in the museum. She wouldn't stop talking about them and how she could hear the dolls walking. Funny girl! She was ready to run out of there, even before we learned about the resident ghost.

We also took Grampy to the closest golf course so he could watch the boys drive and putt. Of course they put on a great show, and of course, he was able to impart a few words of wisdom that helped Sawyer especially in driving with irons.

Porter and Cooper went to a dance last night at the Fort Worth stake center...the theme was super heroes. Cooper went as Clark Kent. His enthusiasm was contagious ;-) But the dance was really a "stand," according to Cooper, as no one danced!

Sawyer did a great talk today in church speaking. I've never heard of an 11 year old being asked but he was, and nailed it. I'll have to post a copy of his talk later. I'm glad your grandparents could hear him speak.

Of course it was GREAT speaking with you two! You're such a funny pair! We love hearing about your adventures! Unbelievable about the meth lab fire two stories above you. Climbing in and out of the window to get access to your apartment is funny, but to use the window for your Friday night was even better. 

We love you dearly! We're excited you're almost home! Endure to the end!




MarieC said...

The guys are taking the meth-lab-in-our-building much more in stride than I am!

shirlgirl said...

Great letter.