Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Coastal Californian Chronicles

Dear Hunter,

Another week on the journey of our lives. Many blessed days to learn and grow. Sales was tough this week. The fish weren't biting my hook as much as I'd have liked them to but that's okay. Money's not everything, which leads me to my word of the week. I've taken to reading in between doors in the morning and afternoon when it can be slow. The iPad is great for this and I'm ten chapters into Mobey dick where I stumbled onto the word cupidity, meaning greed of money or possessions. Hopefully you are helping those you teach avoid cupidity by teaching them about their purpose here in mortality and th it divine birthright. AnneMarie helps me avoid cupidity and remember what's truly important in life all the time.

Helping drive home the point was uncle rich who visited on Wednesday. He treated us to a heavenly taco feast at Puesto in la Jolla where he was staying for two days for work. I've eaten some good tacos but these had some secret sauces going on, especially the potato soy chorizo and chicken verde tacos. Not to mention their guac and chips. But the gastronomic delight were only beginning there. He led our pallets down the road to the Rocky Mountain chocolate factory which ought to have hanging above its doors the words from John Denver's song "the place where I belong." Just breathing the air in there is an actual treat, pun intended. I chose the tasty dark chocolate dipped candy orange while AnneMarie and Rich chose a formidable piece of la Jolla bark. It was a special evening and really the best treat was getting to hang out with our one of kind uncle even if he wouldn't give me the DL on what's going to be in this weeks big letter.

 This weekend we took off for Coronado island beach, a magical place. Also you should know I sold to mr. San Diego 1964. He wasn't in quite the same shape as five decades ago but hey cool guy. AnneMarie's cousin Karina won three Nevada state championships in track, running the 800, 4x400 and mile. She also broke the 41 year old state record in the 800 and earned a third place finish in the 400 after winning the mile. Way cool :)

We're feeling very blessed as AnneMarie was able to get a job at Mimi's Cafe here nearby, even after she told them that she wouldn't be here for two weeks because of Africa and that she wouldn't work Sunday's because if church. Choose the right, let the consequence follow!! Speaking of Africa she leaves to Ghana a week from Thursday. I'll be in bachelordom for that time but I'm trying to get some of my friends to come visit on the weekends, and Annemarie's parents are coming this weekend to visit for Memorial Day. Man, that's the cliff notes version, but really we hope you know that we love you, and the gospel and the beach :)  work hard. We're rooting for you daily in our prayers,


Tanner and AnneMarie

P.S. AnneMaries sister Emmie gets her mission call in two weeks. I'm hoping for Brasil;)

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