Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Words of Wisdom

Dear Hunter,

It was wonderful to hear your voice today and even see your face for a little. You look good:) I didn't get to hear all of your concerns but what I didn't hear I can imagine. I served in what I think was initially a pretty obedient mission and turned into a very obedient one by the time I left and even then there were many times that I felt somewhat hopeless. Missions are like a burden sometimes but they're worth the load. In a very real sense you are treading the road that the Savior trod, if only the most minuscule part.

I have some things that I could recommend to you, especially as you move into leadership positions. As a trainer, a district leader, a zone leader or AP, you are in an increasingly influential position. It becomes your responsibility to influence with your example and your leadership even as you work within the guidance of your mission president. At each stage, though it may be hard, focus only on your fold as shepherd, on your area, or your zone, whatever your authority dictates. Overstepping that, no matter how well intentioned, never leads to the Lord's purposes. That said, I'll try and include some things I found helpful. You can prayerfully implement them in your mission.

Your purpose is to lead people to the waters of baptism. Implementing an effective and efficient program to give investigators the best possible chance of making the right decisions (while maintaining their agency) is key to giving the Lord your best effort.

We're here in California. It's fun. I'm back selling, making cheddar. We took a trip to Laguna beach last week. This was after AnneMarie's graduation, filling up our storage unit, a very bumpy ride in a very tiny car from Utah to Cali, and some bomb grilled cheese. We love the weather here, sunny but not too warm. We love shopping at Trader Joes and going to the temple with one another. We especially love you:)


Tanner and AnneMarie


Bachland :) said...

San Diego....... mmmmmmm, what more can I say!

CubSctAnn said...

Love San Diego & its Temple
Oh yeah!!!! <3 <3 <3