Monday, May 9, 2016

Letter #38

Dear Family and Friends,

It was wonderful to see everyone yesterday! There´s always a special spirit talking to the family. Hopefully next time everyone (Tanner and Annemarie) can get on Skype at the same time.

Not much to write about from last week. I was very happy to read Tanner´s letter, and have his advice. It's  basically exactly what we are trying to do, but when it's not working it's good to have support.

This last week, Friday was the craziest day by far. By far. We had the craziest lesson of my mission. It was my companion, and a member of the branch presidency, and I trying to talk to Luis, an 82 year old investigator. Every time we tried talking, his equally old wife would come out and yell at us. Basically, Luis has been preparing for baptism for a couple weeks, and every Sunday walks about 1 mile to church. As the date has gotten closer, his children have started talking really bad about the church and not talking to us. They convinced his wife, their mother, so then she started railing on us. It´s honestly really sad to see that, and it was a scene I´ll never forget. The wife was yelling at us like a toddler, stomping the ground and jumping up and down, and Luis, who is waiting for heart surgery and is not in the best shape started yelling at her, and the member, touched him gently, just whispering over and over, "We´re here to bring peace, not contention." We left, like we had just fought a battle, and returned the next day, and Luis didn't want to look at us, and asked us not to visit again. It was really sad and hard. He said in short, his family gave him an ultimatum, and he chose them.

But, to get back to Friday, after visiting his house, we left and were walking on the road when we see a big commotion happening about 50 yards in front of us. We walk up, and people are crying, screaming, leaving the house, calling for an ambulance, etc. A scene of absolute chaos. We go in, turns out part of the family is less active, and give a blessing. A women with some special needs, about 40, had a fit of epilepsy, and wasn't moving, or anything. Someone held her head up, I anointed and my companion blessed her to heal in less than 30 minutes. Then we left, as the ambulance was arriving. We asked the next day, and before they even got to the hospital she was better. A miracle.

Saturday, we held our second English class, and had the best turnout of my mission yet: 14 people! We divided into two groups, group 1 being I don´t know anything about English, taught very well by my companion, and group 2 being I know something about English, taught by me. It went really, really well! And at church the next day, only 30 people showed up, so 14 at an event is something. We were really happy and are working to get more there. It's been announced on the radio and everything here.

This week we´ll be going to Campos for stake conference and a zone meeting, so I´ll be picking up mail!  Love you all!!!!

Elder Schenewark
Make yourself at home.

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