Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Letter #39

Dear Family and Friends,

This week, perhaps the biggest news was Big D visited our house. And I´m not talking about Kevin Durrant or Dwayne Johnson. I´m talking about d-i-a-r-r-h-e-a. Thankfully, I stayed free but my companion was running in the house a lot. Wednesday and Thursday we stayed pretty low on the radar. Tried visiting a couple people in the afternoon, but each time, we would return to the house after. To one investigator, we showed up a couple minutes early, so he was still shutting down his store, so we said we´d wait for him. After a minute my companion said, I´ll need the bathroom after this lesson. After 3 minutes, he said, we need to leave now. So we said bye to the guy, I think leaving really perplexed him after just a  3 minute wait, but oh well,  and then we barely made it home in time.

We have a list of members, and we are trying to visit the less actives on the list. In choosing this week, we visited someone who would be having a birthday that day, and brought some candy. Absolutely made his week. It was really cool to do that. He said no one had remembered, and was super glad we stopped by.

We ran into some kids, and went back another night to teach them. Wendell is 11, Danielson is 12. Unfortunately there parents are more of the black magic and marijuana type, but we had a good lesson and at the end, teaching how to pray, Danielson said one of the most memorable prayers ever. At 12, he´s asking for good grades in school, a good job one day, to be better in soccer, good employment one day (yes, again, its obviously important for him), and finally, one more time, good employment `so I won´t become a robber´. It was humorous, but at the same time, was straight from his heart. Very, Very sincere and brought the spirit with it.

Saturday, we had zone conference. Left really early, and went up to Campos. It was wonderful to hear and see Pres. and Sister Young. They talked a lot about having love. And, its always nice to pick up a couple letters and hear how everyone is doing. We worked with other missionaries for a day, and then left for the stake center. There, our branch had a van which we took back to town.

Sunday, was the general session of stake conference, so we returned again, this time our branch had a nice tour bus, and it was a fun ride. We had 43 people who went for the branch, which is more people than generally attend sacrament.

Today, I cut my hair. I will admit, not perfectly, but got the job done. Its my first time in Brasil, all the other wards have people who do it for free.

In an old ensign article about 4 things to make a happy home by Pres. Monson;

-1-a pattern of prayer
-2-a library of learning
-3-a legacy of love
-4-a treasure of testimony read this quote, translated roughly,

`Happiness is the objective and purpose of this existince; and will be the end result, if we foolow the path that will bring us there; and this path is virtue, faithfulness, holiness, and obedience to all the commandments of God.` Joseph Smith.

About prayer, Pres. Hinckley said, ``Truly happy is the boy or girl, including those who are already teenagers, in whose home its customary to pray as a family in the mornings and at night.``

So, be happy. Follow the path that leads to happiness. And if you are not praying together as a family twice a day, start now. Like today. I got a letter from Grampy and he said the most powerful missionaries were always united in prayer as a companionship. And I know its the same thing for families.

Love you all!

Elder Schenewark
Enjoy the view.

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Love the bug, the VW not the intestinal one! Keep up the good work Elder!