Monday, May 2, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark and Missionary Friends,

***Just the most important reminder: How and when are you contacting us on Mother's Day?***

We've been partying since Thursday, and everyone has run out of steam tonight. We're dragging, dropping one by one, off to our beds, injured, maimed exhausted and happy.

We pulled the boys out of school after lunch, and headed down to Houston for your cousin Derek's wedding. We were suppose to be there for a BBQ and pool party, but "Houston, we have a problem," became very literal. The van was shaking so much, while Dad was driving, your brothers were using their water bottles to watch tidal waves. Breyer sang and sang because she liked her wiggly voice. Dad's arm shook so much while holding the steering wheel his FitBit recorded, over five hours, 15,000 steps. But we arrived alive. Just a little late. We checked into the hotel instead, ordered pizza, and enjoyed the outside pool.

We enjoyed the pool again Friday morning, while waiting for the CT Hutchins clan to arrive, and Dad to see about getting the car fixed. It was a tire whose metal structure was weakening. We saw your grandparents, Uncles Aaron and Ben when we arrived at the Houston temple. Guess who forgot her recommend? Guess who had to contact her Bishop? Guess whose Bishop was already at the temple?

Your grandfather performed the temple sealing. He said, "Love is wonderful, but marriage is sacred." So true. It was a beautiful ceremony, with the obligatory pictures afterwards. I'll share a small sample, but look forward to more pictures in the future.

We were treated to a Rudy's Texan barbeque for family and select friends, before the reception, as it is the bride's favorite food. Dad was in heaven, and thought of how much you would have enjoyed dinner. Aaron was the requested emcee, and Funkle Aaron was introduced. He was great. Honestly, I would have been slightly bored without his humorous antics. He is surely the spark to the party, and only requires a personal invitation to travel the distance, He twirled and sashayed your sister all over the dance floor.

We left early Saturday morning for noon baseball games. We arrived just in time, and had the uniforms on. Missing just one glove, we did pretty good. Miller had an amazing tag at home plate, as pitcher, and a great stop on a line drive at short stop. He made the out with a great throw to first base. Sawyer was playing on the next field over, but I didn't get to see his game.

We have a lady in the ward who's very active in the theater community, and was starring in a production called The Marvelous Wonderettes. The show, which uses pop songs from the '50s and '60s as a vehicle to tell its story, pays homage to the high school Songleader squads of the 1950s. When called upon to perform at their senior prom as a last minute replacement, Springfield High Songleaders, Betty Jean, Cindy Lou, Missy and Suzy, rally together to entertain their classmates in four-part harmony. It was hysterical. Tears ran on my cheeks the whole evening. Grampy sang along with the songs, and Dad's smile never left his face. We'll definitely be back to the old opera building for more of Granbury Theater's productions. And the $30 tickets were free!

Other news of the week? Miller and Sawyer were both nominated for all stars. Sawyer declined, as he figured all the older boys would make the team. Miller was going to try out, but he woke up with a 103 fever, and had to drop out as well.

Underneath and around Cooper's bed has been declared as an area 51 zone. It's stuffed with free magazines from the library ranging from model airplanes to boats in a bottle to Chicago Undertakers. He's also collecting foam boards for making model airplanes, designing Bentwater maps for his newly imagined mowing job, plus his constant accessories of duct tape, string, glue guns, drills, etc. You get the idea. It's a mess, and now spilling over the boundaries predetermined by me. Time for a spring cleaning. He had to show Grampy all his latest and best creations since he's here in person.

Breyer's new nickname is the wedding party animal. She was in heaven dancing, eating candy from the candy bar, taking pictures of cousins and cake, and ogling the decorations. She was born to be a brides maid. Not that she was asked to do so this time, but she might as well have been. (And she wanted to know if I knew I had whiskers on my leg!)

AnneMarie graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor of Science in Public and Community Health. I would have loved to have gone. I'm sure Tanner will write eventually, but he Pohas put his belongings in storage, given up his apartment, drove to Las Vegas, eventually San Diego, and begins work on Monday. Just like me. Tomorrow will be interesting!

Porter still loves to drive. He'll happily pick up brothers, make Redbox runs, stand in grocery store lines for me, and even chose to arrive at the fireside tonight by himself. Your grandparents were the guest speakers in the first ever Bishop's youth fireside. A wonderful tradition has been born! They were wonderful. There were lots of laughs, a few tears, and a sweet, sweet spirit. They're champs for taking that on while on vacation.

More news? BYU's campus will expand west across University Avenue and swallow up the land where Provo High School has stood for 60 years. The price tag for the property purchase: $25 million.

How about this?  The U.S. House voted Tuesday evening to adopt the North American bison as the national mammal of the United States

Or this? (CNN) If Olympic opening ceremonies should capture the atmosphere in a host nation, then Rio 2016's curtain-raiser should be interesting. With 100 days until the Games begin, Brazil is unraveling fast -- largely overshadowing the impending arrival of sport's greatest showpiece.
Who needs the staple pre-Olympic media diet of venue delays and security fears when you have a leader facing impeachment, a gigantic corruption scandal and a global public health emergency?

I found this tidbit from your former mission land of Arizona, and the Toones: "We had the honor and blessing of having Elder Holland here Tuesday of this week. He and Elder Robbins joined us in the mission home for lunch and then they spoke to the missionaries at the Tempe West Stake Center. Here are some things Elder Holland said: "You do not have the right to abuse the image of a missionary." "You cannot go home and have the attitude that my mission is over." "You cannot go back and be the same person you were before going on your mission." "You cannot go back and say I don't dress that way anymore or do those things anymore." "Be the missionary your parents think you are." "You must have this in the marrow of your bones." "You have to be in this forever." "You have to keep the habits you formed here." "There is no middle ground, you are either for or against."

I enjoyed reading the summary. I hope you do as well. In closing, we were singing the hymn, Be Thou Humble at the close of our sacrament meeting today, and I thought of you during the second verse:  "Be thou humble in thy calling, and the Lord thy God shall teach thee To serve his children gladly with a pure and gentle love." Such wonderful advice for us all, but as a missionary I know this describes you to perfection. Of which I'm grateful.

Have a most wonderful week!



P.S. Your Utah cousins and prom pictures:


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I have my Monday Morning Smiles now. I just live these letters each week.

We keep missing Breyer on the phone and the poor little thing keeps missing us. I think we need out Breyer call today for sure!

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