Sunday, May 29, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Happy Memorial Day to you! Your father spoke eloquently of how important it is for us to always remember. Not celebrate, not holiday-ize, not gather for fun. Remember those who sacrificed, some who gave all, that we might enjoy the freedoms we're so richly blessed with living in this land.

The wife of your branch president be-friended me today on Facebook. I had to find out who she was, of course, and she sent me two pictures. Not a lot of words, but pictures are always wanted.

Last week was my first full week of day shift. I was moved the week before. I attribute this blessing to your service. After ten nights 10 p.m. to 6 a.m., it was a surprise to be told I was moving. I spent some time typing up the training I had received, as they have no training procedure in place, and apparently made enough of an impression to be moved. Yeah. Now I'm 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., able to arrive home before Miller was off the bus. And, because I told them I had a Sunday morning commitment, that I could keep while on nights, they gave me Saturday and Sunday off. This very desirable schedule given to the last on the totem pole position, has garnered attention of another kind, but was not of my choosing. When the alarm goes off at 3:50 a.m., it's a little painful, but so much easier than staying up all night long. Enough of that. And thank you!

The Bachs arrived Wednesday evening, and we've been in party mode ever since. The week was full of activities already scheduled for the end-of-the-school-year. Miller had Dad come to his award banquet. He was recognized for being part of the mile running group, having straight A's all year long, a Citizenship award, 2nd place class reader, and of course being District Chess Champion. And in the spirit of his award, Sawyer, Miller and Bro. Bach have been in a constant tourney all weekend. 

Sawyer had Bro. Bach take him to his scout and sport physical. He was flagged by the school nurse with a little scoliosis problem that we forgot to address but he's all set for his activities.

Breyer has been loving her girl time with Sis. Bach. They sit on the piano while Breyer plays, and sing duets together. Sis. Bach also does her hair every day. So nice!

There's also been a lot of fix-it projects. My shower handles no longer spin freely, but stop where they're suppose to stop. Breyer's bicycle chain is back on, and all the brakes on the other bikes have been adjusted. The wash room light will be worked on, as well as a new garbage disposal installed.

The fishing hasn't been great, but little fish here and there. Of course you heard about the snake in the garage. We got to see a road runner in the neighborhood pick up a snake and suck it up. Yum. We also saw a kit fox in front of our house.

Dad's birthday, Father's day, Christmas present all wrapped up in one in the form of his first barbecue grill, which the boys all helped put together. We broke it in with marinated brisket, by Cooper. He found the recipe, burned off the new grill oil, and slaved over hot gas. Yum! And the best part? He did not have to be asked to clean the grill. He also said he knows how to perform the monthly bug inspections that are required to keep the lines clear. We cooked the brisket because we also had the missionaries and an investigator over for dinner. He's gone through fourteen sets of elders, but is getting baptized Saturday!

Based on an average of seven billion hot dogs sold per peak season, Memorial Day through Labor Day, Americans eat 818 hot dogs per second.We'll be contributing to those numbers tomorrow, using the upper level deck on the new grill.

Sawyer and Miller went golfing. Bro. Bach gave Sawyer the shot of the day when he had to pull a ball out of the mud, and five feet worth of mud went up into the air. Miller, standing behind the show said, in a Hunter-esque style, while clapping his hands, "Bravo. Bravo. Just bravo." We've been quoting him all weekend. Sawyer drove one about 150 yards, and Miller followed with a 130, and they had the old men following behind them cheering them on.

Of course your brother, Porter, graduated! Yeah! Three down! It was held at the Fort Worth Convention Center, which was almost full by the time the night was over. Knowing the wait and ceremony would be long, all your siblings opted out, so it was an adult affair. Of note: They had a Spanish National Honor Society, and said opening and closing prayers twice, once in Spanish.  There were about 450 seniors in his class - BIG! We went to In-n-Out Burger afterwards for a really late dinner. Have you eaten a hamburger since you've been in Brazil? I'll post pictures later.

We had a linger longer today after church as it was the fifth Sunday. For a Memorial Day weekend, where a lot of people are out of town, there were a lot of people there! We brought potato salad and watermelon, and a great big cake honoring the graduates. Good thing we did, as the desserts were on the low side. Do they have linger longer events in Brazil?

I think that's a wrap up. I always tell you, and I hope you understand, how much we love you. You're always in our thoughts and prayers. We've enjoyed swapping coin stories about you this weekend, as well as chess stories, and even lawn mowing stories.

Have a wonderful week!



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