Sunday, May 15, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and missionary friends,

Can you believe another week has passed? Sometimes they go by so fast I can't believe I'm sitting here, trying to remember how my time was occupied.

Sorry I didn't get my letter emailed last week. I type it on the blog, and frequently forget to copy it. Dad usually is my back-up but not last week. You've looked like you've lost a bit of weight. Please eat. More. Your box is on the way. I now have my own vision insurance, and can double up on benefits for you, effective June 1st.  Let me know as soon as you can whether or not you want contacts ordered. I'll get them in the mail right away, as well as the glasses. I can even pick out a new frame for you, instead of glasses, that are lighter and wireless, instead of contacts. Your second benefit kicks in September 1st. Eat. More. Please.

Dad has been home a lot. The winter semester ended, and thus far his summer classes consist of an internship seminar, and an online class. He has the second summer session off, and will teach again in the third summer session, right before the fall semester. So, Breyer and he have especially enjoyed their time together. She goes with him on a lot of errands that I can't take the time to finish. Tailors, watch repair, store, gas, library, bank...Mr. Dad and his sidekick get it all done for me, and then some. Breyer even has my place of honor in the bed on those nights when I'm not home. He also does all the morning commutes to seminary and school, as I'm not always back in time.

One day he went to the craft store, and she talked him into a gallon size container of pink paint. There are remnants of her painting adventures on our kitchen table, and floor. And when walking out for work that night, she knocked it off the counter, and it exploded all over my red shirt, black pants, and in my hair. Such are the adventures with your sister.

The school schedules have increased exponentially in relation to the decreasing school days. Sawyer had a field day, which I'll write about later, but his ribbon pile is massive. Miller the chess tournament, which you've seen. Porter has had volleyball and soccer competitions, and Cooper a tennis swimming pool party and a trip to Six Flags. And more this week.

Sawyer and Miller have gotten the golf bug. I took them both to the driving range one evening so they could drive and putt.. Another evening it was just Miller and I. Breyer wanted to tag along so she brought her putter, but spent her time instead playing with the course mascot, a dog. They've spent warm afternoons washing their clubs and sorting tees. Breyer used her pink paint and fixed a white ball girly style. I hope to get the boys entered in the golf summer camp this year. Your partner at the course where you won the pot has moved to Idaho, but the other PGA pro remembers you well, and was happy to find out Sawyer and Miller were your brothers. He's coaching the #5 junior in the world, and another 9th grader who's ranked high for the state of Texas. Maybe one night I'll bring them there so we can listen in one his lessons.

One morning Breyer wanted hard boiled eggs for breakfast. When I finished the eggs, she decided she'd eat them later for a snack. I didn't think anything about this comment, but noticed a few minutes later she was sitting on the carpet in her "W" position, knees forward, feet back, and rocking.
"Breyer, what are you doing?"
"Being a chicken."
"What does a chicken do?"
"Sit on her eggs."
Yes, she was. All six. Thank goodness they were cooked.

I brought one of her eggs to work that night for my snack. Imagine my surprise, and my co-workers, when I cracked the egg and it dripped all over me and the desk. Lots of laughs. How an uncooked egg got on the shelf, with the cooked eggs, can only be answered by your sister. I didn't bother to ask. She keeps me on my toes, and in this case, on my knees wiping up yolk.

Cooper's latest creative ventures include buying foam board, and creating airplanes from pictures. To scale. This is a glider. He uses white duct tape. He has quite the fleet.

Your grandmother's favorite scripture of late is Luke 10:20. I must have heard her quote it five times while we were together for your cousin's wedding. "Rejoice, because your names are written in heaven." What a blessing to know that Heavenly Father loves you. He knows who Hunter is, that he loves golf, he loves his family, he loves serving Him as a missionary. He knows of your struggles, and desires to be strictly obedient. You too need to rejoice. Your name is written in heaven, and I know it has a few exclamation points that follow, because you please Him so well.

Me too. Know of my love for you!


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Bachland :) said...

Pink, I love pink paint and the little painter. We'll see how much we can remove and turn brown things brown and white things white again next week.