Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Influence of People

When Mr. Brown Sign showed me this picture, it looked just like any other cemetery.

But when you start to learn about the person, it becomes a story.

Mr. Vinson was a real asset to Louisa, KY, and the town benefited from his presence, and is still doing better because he was born there.

He was a Chief Justice, Secretary of the U. S. Treasury, and a "great American servant."
And the town was a delight to travel in and through while we were there for a basketball tournament.

This is a sign from the other side of the bridge, in Fort Gay, WV. Near the trailer courts, dirt roads, and plywood bathroom stalls in the community center. Everybody traveling for the tournament noticed the differences, literally feet apart. Mr. Vinson was not born there.


Becky said...

THAT SIGN! I'm laughing. Totally distracted me from the great story you were telling. Sorry. (still laughing)

Duncan Chaos said...

Jay's great grandmother was born in Louisa and burried in that same cemetery.

Joy said...

Interesting how a few feet can make a lot of difference.