Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is inside a travel center, with a Taco Bell, outside Louisa, KY.

The whole plaza is decorated with guitars as it's the beginning of the Country Music Highway.

Nothing like strumming on a few guitars before a bathroom break!

There was quite a collection of memorbilia inside from country singing artists.

Some were a little bit more country than others ;-)

Others were a bit more rock and roll.
I just noticed the gas sign. We're at $2.79 today :-(

Come on by! We're open for business.


Jenny said...

Where were you going?
I like it when those dreary rest stop places are fun to look at... makes the public bathroom thing a bit more manageable, somehow.

shirlgirl said...

Looks like fun and very interesting, too. I paid $2.57 for gas on Saturday (if you pay cash, it is cheaper by 5-6 cents a gallon).

Becky said...

Was this your trip to Texas? You guys always come upon the most unique places!!!

NeeNee said...

I agree with Becky, you guys do come up with interesting sights. By the way, gas prices are over $3.00 out here. Sometimes I see $2.99. Yesterday at Costco I saw it for $2.75.