Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Brace Yourself!

Scary! At first glance. This is Cooper's mouth.
He has multiple teeth waiting to erupt but there's no room!

Real life version of the crowded, forward collapsing mouth.
He'll be wearing upper and lower palette expanders.

Miller playing in the orthodontist bathroom.
Nothing wrong with that when he's there for THREE hours!

The orthodontist's version of...I won't go there.

"Mom, don't you think I look better in braces?"
(He only has four ;-)
P.S. It's International Pancake Day - go eat dinner for free at your local Ihop!


shirlgirl said...

Holy mackerel!! He does have LOTS of teeth there. Also his gums look very red and puffy--need to floss and use a gum stimulator. What does the dentist say? Handsome in his braces.

LL said...

WOW. that x-ray was cool! All those teeth, just WAITING!
I'm thinking he looks GREAT with braces!

NeeNee said...

Oh my! He does have a lot of teeth to come still. Hope his orthodontist treatment goes well. I agree, Cooper, you are cute with braces (but I also thought the same when you didn't have them).

Duncan Chaos said...

Keep smiling Cooper! Doodled loves her new smile!

Jenny said...

(HOLD ON... BRACE ME: Are you really old enough to have braces?)

Becky said...

He'll be SO handsome when he's done. (not looking forward to how much THAT will cost though - sorry)

Annamaria said...

We went to IHOP yesterday thanks to your reminder on you last post! Thank you! It was delicious...I couldn't even eat all 3 of those hefty pancakes. It was fun!

Christy said...

Brave little boy...great little trooper Miller is to wait out the sentencing. Brace yourself for the days of jello!

Bachland :) said...

What nice smiles they all have, love hte photos and x-rays.

Bachland :) said...

Now I’m humming the tune, “If I had a million dollars”, but thinking “If I had a millions toothers”. Good to have extras, sports can be hard on the teeth, great planning Cooper.