Friday, February 5, 2010

Kneed a Knew Knee

The nurse preparing the area for surgery.
His knee was injured in a basketball practice, untraumaticly.

What Tanner looks like when they're putting in the i.v.
Just joking.
He was annoyed I took his picture.

A normal knee. Shows the upper and lower leg bones, and the "padding," or meniscus that cushions the bones.

Tanner's meniscus.

That huge blob is the tear, or shred. That's the portion that was cut away, as shown in the lower portion of the picture.

He lost 25% of the padding, but only on the bottom layer. He now has a thinner, top layer of meniscus remaining.

How Tanner got around the first day home: Swinging from door frame to door frame.

His favorite nurse.
Today he's actually up and gingerly walking around!


LL said...

reminds me of Spiderman, swinging all around. Glad he's recovering so quickly!

Aaron H. said...

Had no idea this was happening. He's 10 years ahead of me, when I got a knee worked on.

NeeNee said...

Didn't they give Tanner any crutches? I'm glad to hear he is getting around a little. Good to see the patient with a small smile. I bet he was a terrific patient.

Jenny said...

I love the compassion that comes out between siblings...
Speedy recovery Tanner!

Smilin' sunshine said...

heal fast!! Will he be able to run again? Even though he is A LOT younger than me, I always covet his running abilities!

Becky said...

He makes wearing a "Johnny" look cool! ;) Those are come neat pictures. Heal quickly T!

Jeannette said...

Poor little guy! Wait a sec, hes not so little anymore,huh? Well James has already gone through FOUR of those surgerys already, so tell him to be careful! In the end its better to cut away instead of repairing cause it will ALWAYS tear again, as in James case. So our thoughts are with him:)

shirlgirl said...

Get well soon, Tanner. Love your "nurse" comforting you, too.

Nellie said...

Tanner, Get well soon.