Friday, February 12, 2010

Winter Break

Most likely these last four days home from school will replace our spring break.

We found lots of things to do. Played a lot of games. Rummykub, Carcasonne, Settlers of Catan, and Set were the favorites.

Valentine's Day wouldn't be the same without sugar cookies.
I really enjoyed only making the dough and letting the boys do the rest. They did a great job rolling the dough and cutting the heart shapes out.

Their paintings were beautiful and festive!

We made plaster of paris horses...

... and made really cool train tracks!

It was gratifying to spend almost a week home together and find lots of fun things to do, with boys showing lots of love. Sometimes the unplanned vacations can be the best.


Bachland :) said...

Trains, games, boys and cookies, what fun. Wish we were there. I hope Monday for President’s Day the boy have just as much fun. We get to work on a plumbing problem, drip, drip, drip I’ll trade you places!

Duncan Chaos said...

You are such a cool mom, I hope they appreciate all the fun things you do with them. Wish I were more like that!

shirlgirl said...

Looks like no one was bored and had a great time. You always manage to have fun things for your boys to do.