Tuesday, February 9, 2010

One Winter Wish

It's cute!
It's little!
It's the only snowman I've had!
I don't want to complain,
or wish winter upon anyone that's ready for spring.
We've had snow.
But it's been too dry.
I'm just asking for one snow with enough snow to
make a REAL snowman!
Thank you Cooper and Sawyer for trying.
I like your blue chalk eyes!


Becky said...

Come live in NH...you'll for SURE have enough snow. A for effort! :)

Joy said...

You can have the snow just sent me Spring!

LL said...

I'm with you, I LOVE a good snow storm...enough for a good snow man!
Hoping we get a bunch tomorrow. COME VISIT :)

shirlgirl said...

I'm ready for spring NOW!! We're expecting close to a foot of snow tomorrow. Not happy about that! We've had all the snow I want for the winter.

Jo Jo said...

your wish is my command...

an anon. dogooder

Jenny said...

Hey-what about that TALL snowman on your header?

Bachland :) said...

Rumor has it we can ship you some tomorrow, nice new and fresh.

Jo Jo said...

J - that is last year's masterpiece!

NeeNee said...

I'm surprise that that is all the snow you have gotten. Up in the mountains by us, there is suppose to be tons of snow. Hopefully we will see this weekend. Maybe we will get to try to build a snowman. We'll get you posted.