Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Don't let the bare feet scare you. It's only bath time!

Cooper received this exercise ball - for RATS - from a dear friend who no longer had a RAT and thought Copper would enjoy running around in it. I have to admit the thought of Copper's bodily functions dripping and falling out of the RAT breathing holes discouraged me from wanting it at all.

Until I realized the tile floor in the bathroom could handle just about anything. So when Cooper gets cleaned, Copper gets tired.


LL said...

We had one of those balls once, our pets didn't enjoy them :(
I think they look so fun!

Jenny said...

There were some people-sized balls like that at the mall; they were in a large pool of water, and they did NOT look fun to me at all! If someone put me in one of those things, I'd sit down, cross my arms and wait to be taken out!
(but that's just me)

Bachland :) said...

Copper gets a pink background, is this a new hamster thing?

Jenny said...

I guess after Joy's comment, you added some more PINK to your life?

shirlgirl said...

What fun for Cooper and Copper! Do the names get confusing at times? Wow!!

Becky said...

Jenny's comment - killing me! That was a good visual. I'm so happy that Cooper LOVES his little friend.