Thursday, February 18, 2010

Coasting Down the Hillside

Frosty is the morning;
But the sun is bright,
Flooding all the landscape
With its golden light.

Hark the sounds of laughter
And the voices shrill!
See the happy children
Coasting down the hill.

Eyes with pleasure beaming,
Cheeks with health aglow;

Bless the merry children,
Trudging through the snow!

Now I hear them shouting,
"Ready! Clear the track!"

Down the slope they're rushing,

Now they're trotting back.
Full of fun and frolic,
Thus they come and go.
Coasting down the hillside,
Trudging through the snow.


Joy said...

Fun winter times! Love playing in the snow.

Becky said...

CUTE post! :) I loved seeing you out there in the snow with your boys. Keeps you young!!! xoxo

shirlgirl said...

Looks like they had lots of fun. I see you are wearing your new scarf, too!!

Jenny said...

I love poetry--cute post.
(I miss you! Come rent the house on my street)