Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy Thoughts

Sawyer was chosen as student of the week in his class, so we made a poster to share. He was not happy about getting his picture taken. When I asked him, "Your father just walked in the door, aren't you glad he's home?" I got this smile. I had found his happy thought.
We were trying to take Christmas card pictures, on a camera timer, and Jarrod leaned into me, put his arm around my waist, and pulled me closer.
Sawyer and I share the same happy thought.
I love Peter Pan and Hook for that reason.
What is your happy thought?


The Vieiras said...

I have the agree--a good husband and father is always a happy thought! And I love the pink background for this sweet month:)

The Mormon Monk said...


1) Do you have braces?
2) What do Peter Pan/Hook have to do with Jarrod coming home from work?



Jo Jo said...

Zach, you're confusing me! Braces? Are you referring to my sparkly teeth? and Peter Pan? Surely you know you need a happy thought to be able to fly!

Jenny said...

today it's ICE CREAM.

shirlgirl said...

Nice pictures.

Becky said...

BRACES? LAUGHING!!! My happy thought is HOME. Cuz that's where I'd love to be. :(

NeeNee said...

What a great poster! How fun to get to know Sawyer better. Good to see the great smiles.