Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Reading Ribbons

Sawyer has been reading and filling out logs like this.
Except this weekend, he filled it out without actually reading.
Four pages full.
The excitement of coming home with reading ribbons caught up to him.
"Mrs. Flynn,
The four ribbons I got today
I did not read books to get them
so I am going to read four books.
Sorry for getting four ribbons."

There are still lessons in life we learn out of a book,
and even more we learn without a book.


Jenny said...

I love the parent signature:
You're a good mom.

LL said...

lesson learned. Good on you Mom!!!

Becky said...

Two thumbs up Mom! What a valuable lesson learned.

Alana said...

I think I read a similar article in the Friend a few months back. We still love you Sawyer.