Friday, March 26, 2010

How Not to Sleep

Beautiful, peaceful, serene are words that describe this sleeping boy.

Even in the car seat he's cute.
Tanner's resting comfortably
Porter's looking relaxed, rested.

What happened to peaceful, serene looking?
Am I drooling?


Smilin' sunshine said...

Just a thought, try sleeping in your is probably more comfortable!

Bachland :) said...

Makes me want to take a nap while driving myself to work.

LL said...

i love to sleep in the car when the sun is shining!
You're the MOM, there's no such thing as peasceful sleep ;-)

shirlgirl said...

Looks like everyone was enjoying their naps! Even you!!

Jenny said...

You're beautiful!
Me? I look like I've aged 30 years when my eyes close.
Not fun to see.

Ben Hutchins said...

Too funny. Very cute :)

The Vieiras said...

oh boy. I would hate to see the picture of ME sleeping--drool and all:)

Becky said...

You're so CUTE! It's not pretty when I sleep.