Thursday, March 18, 2010

Punch Ball Balloons

This has been one of Miller's favorite toys.
A 99 cent punch balloon.
He slobbers and slobbers all over it, then asks me to blow it up.
Sometimes it's rather large, mostly it's medium.
Today the opening of the balloon was found dried shut.
No amount of coaxing could blow that balloon up.
Want to know what it reminded me of?
Look very carefully.
Then only read on if you're not faint of heart.
My stomach after six pregnancies!
(Told you so.)


LL said...

I have often thought that of deflated balloons. funny.
YOU are looking mighty thin, cute sweater btw.

The Vieiras said...

It has been nice having an "inflated" belly again to smooth everything out:) Oh, the things our little bodies go through.

And I agree with Laura--you trim lady!

The Vieiras said...
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Smilin' sunshine said...

took me a minute, but hilarious!

i bet you don't look like that!

Becky said...

UGH! Don't remind me. But kinda funny. Does Miller need another one? :)

Duncan Chaos said...

HA!! That's hilarious! My stomach is right there with yours!

The Mormon Monk said...

I would have said: placenta.

shirlgirl said...

Oh, Zach!! Too funny! Time to use "wrinkle" cream!!

Wiggles said...

Too funny! Made me laugh.