Monday, March 22, 2010

Indianapolis, Indiana

Could you recognize your American cities by their Masonic temple?
(I'm a little bit of a Dan Brown fan.)

Time for a road trip (work conference)!
Mr. Brown Sign and Hunter hit the road for Indianapolis, Indiana.

This bridge is named after Daniel Carter Beard, one of the original founders of the Boy Scout movement, appropriate to share this year as they celebrate their 100th birthday. He was responsible for establishing the outdoor skills that are still at the heart of the Boy Scout movement.

This city has more monuments than any other American city except for Washington, D.C.
This is a memorial to Hendrick, vice president of the United States for only 9 months, but he was from Indianna! My favorite because of the lovely ladies on each side representing law and justice.

Morton Memorial, governor of Indiana during the Civil War, hence the Civil War soldiers.

This is the Indiana war memorial, remembering those who have served in all wars.

It's one of the larger memorials, actually only 15 feet shorter than the statue of Liberty. This picture is near the top.

Another one of my personal favorites, George Washington in his Masonic apron. You'll have to go visit yourself to see the actual statue ;-)

Indianapolis is very well known for the speedway.

There were many cars but this is just a glimpse at the fun!

There is also a bus ride on the 2.5 mile track among other things you can do there.

The best trophy in the world. If you look closely, you can see little heads on the trophy, representing all the winners of the Indy 500.

The story of the USS Indianapolis is a must read, especially for mothers of boys.
This memorial is in the World War Memorial and Museum.

The World War Memorial is designed after one of the ancient seven wonders of the world, The Mausoleum at Halicarnassus for King Mausolus of Persia. Say that fast three times! His name is where the term mausoleum comes from.

At Jarrod's actual conference, Carl Lewis was there promoting the Hershey track and field games. He is a 9 time Olympic track and field medal holder and the only man besides Jessie Owens to win four gold medals at a single summer Olympics, 1984 LA

The Capitol of Indiana...

...where one who has been reading architecture books is in heaven with three stories of design. Hunter finally had a thing or two to share with his father.

This is a tribute to the coal miners of Indiana, a fitting pause as well for the coal miners in the tri-state area of West Virginia and Ohio.

"Without coal the marvelous social and industrial progress which marks our civilization could not have been achieved. But the production of this vital commodity, so essential to the world's progress, has cost the lives of thousands of "coal miners" in Indiana. It is to the supreme sacrifice of these men that this memorial is dedicated."

We all know now what our leader thinks of coal today.

The Headquarters of the NCAA is also here!

If you're looking for original and upbeat, it's here as well!

This was the only visible reminder that the NCAA final four game is coming to Indianapolis.

And because they were there on March 17th, a little city spirit was evident as well.
Indianapolis definitely ranks in the top ten cities of America, and is a must stop when driving by. Hoosier hospitality is abundant, things to do and see are abundant, and Mr. Brown Sign wants to go back with the rest of the gang.


Aaron H. said...

I'm sold. Put that city on the list of my next vacation destinations.

Smilin' sunshine said...

Looks like a fun time!

Bachland :) said...

What a trip! The Speedway, the monuments and memorials, the U.S.S, Indianapolis. I think I saw more of America looking at this website than I’ve seen in a lifetime. Carl Lewis, NCAA, the old brickyard, you saw it all.

Jenny said...

I like the chicken limo and the guy in the festive kilt.

Liz said...

My dad is from Indianapolis and all his family is still there. I've been there a million times and I didn't know about any of this stuff!! I do know the children's museum is really cool though!

Becky said...

WOW! Ditto to what Aaron said. I would LOVE to visit there. The CHICKEN LIMO? Really?

NeeNee said...

Good to see that Hunter got some time to spend with Jarrod. Looks like an interesting place to visit. Hope you all get a chance to return as a family in the near future.

shirlgirl said...

What a wonderful and interesting post. Glad Hunter and Jarrod had father/son time together. How awesome for them and, as usual, a wonderful education for Hunter.

Elizabeth said...

We lived there when I was a kid and I have great memories of the Children's Musuem!! Very fun place, at least it was 20 years ago! :) (They had a computer lab back then, that should tell you something!) :) Also, we always went to the parade on the Saturday before the big race. Fun times! Thanks for sharing!