Friday, March 12, 2010

Hershey, Pennsylvania!

We knew we were in a SPECIAL place when we found t h i s near our hotel!

We stayed overnight in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and woke up to the smell of chocolate, Hershey Kiss-shaped street lamps, and a whole town devoted to chocolate!

The factory tour is free, but everything else costs money. This is a picture of the picture we could have bought, but it shows the amusement park type cars that drive you through the factory. Very fun.

Boys being smokestacks.
Hershey smoke stacks.

The family being happy pieces of chocolate.

Being in Hershey makes you happy!

The replica oven that bakes the cocoa bean into cocoa, that you drive through on the tour.

The boys all wanting a kiss from a Hershey!

My funniest find in the gift shop.
Who in their right mind would wear tinfoil looking hats, whether or not they resembled the kiss candy?
Hershey, Pennsylvania: Fourteen thumbs up!


Joy said...

A town that smells like that sounds like my kind of town.

The Vieiras said...

I've always wanted to go to one of the chocolate spas they have in Hershey. Nothing like being covered in chocolate as part of being pampered:)

Hope you enjoyed your time with all the family!

LL said...

I love that place...I'm thinking we need to add it to our list of places to revisit!

Jenny said...

We've driven by Hershey at least a dozen times and NEVER stopped... what's wrong with us?!?

shirlgirl said...

You always find fun things to do with your family. We used to have a chocolate factory in Dorchester--Baker's chocolate. Every time we would drive through there, you could smell the chocolate. That factory now houses apartments. I wonder if they still can smell the chocolate? Wondered about that.

Duncan Chaos said...


Becky said...

WELL?!? Did you BUY any chocolate? Did you TASTE any chocolate? You forgot the important details!!! ;)