Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

I love a good parade. Not too many of those around, unless you're in Boston. I think I counted fourteen parades, spread out over the entire weekend through today. I forgot. There's no Irish living in West Virginia. Therefore, no leprachauns. And I forgot to dress my kindergarten boy in green. That would be considered child abuse on the east coast. I was worried all day I'd hear horror stories of all the pinches he got because he wasn't in green. Porter happened to wear a Marshall shirt (did that trigger anything? hello Amy Jo?). Cooper was saved by his green braces. Sawyer came out the door all smiles. "Sawyer, I'm so sorry I forgot about today. Did you get any pinches?" "Oh no. Don't worry Mom. Mrs. Flynn said it was against the rules, and if anybody pinched they had to write 100 times 'I will not pinch.' I mean, who wants to write that much just for a pinch? It doesn't even hurt." Thank goodness pinches don't hurt for us Moms who forget.


Becky said...

100 TIMES? Whatever. That's lame. Can I just tell you that I just NOW noticed the writing over your blog heading? Made me laugh. And that IS a large grasshopper. Where in the heck did they find that?

Smilin' sunshine said...

Kind of sad, but not a word was said about St. Patty's Day at any of the 4 schools my kids attend. Not one of them wore green and there was not a pinch to be had.
What happened to the good ole days? We celebrated in the West when I was growing up.

Jenny said...

In honor of St Patrick's day I REFUSED to cook corned beef and cabbage. That stuff is SCARY.

shirlgirl said...

I love corned beef and cabbage and had it at a function last Friday. I don't cook it here because there's only the two of us and Uncle David's appetite isn't that great and we'd have it forever. Jen, what did you cook?