Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Power of Grandmothers and Magic Books

Sawyer read to his grandmother last weekend in Boston.
This was some of his homework while we were traveling.
When Mom heard him read, she wrote on his book log:
"Sawyer needs harder books to read." Signed, Sawyer's Grandmother
I have been fighting this battle all year.
She won. Mrs. Flynn went looking for harder books.
When I signed Sawyer out of school, a second grade teacher stopped to talk.
She told me Sawyer's teacher visited her room for chapter books.
For Sawyer to read.
She wanted to know what my secret was.
Why is Sawyer so adept at reading?
Did I do a special reading program with him?
When did I begin his training?
There was no training, no special program, no secrets.
Just reading library books and scriptures.
Maybe one secret.
In my house there is no television, no cable, no computer games, and no video games.
What else is there to do but read?
Do you think that helped?
He really likes these books!


LL said...

i so admire you!

Jenny said...

Oooh! I love those books too! They are very fun. Sawyer, you have a smart mom.

shirlgirl said...

Good for your Mom to write that in his book. Why should he be bored if he can read better. Glad he loves to read. I do, too. There was a time when I was forced to read and give oral book reports--made me very nervous and took the joy out of reading. However, I do enjoy reading and have LOTS of books to read. Your children learn well and are lucky to have great parents.

Becky said...

Oh Priscilla...she's funny. How come MY kids aren't so adept? They don't have any of that stuff either...except for the Wii that we got at Christmas time. You're boys are SMART!

Duncan Chaos said...

We were asked the same thing when our kids were in school. We always credited The Book of Mormon. When children hear those words daily from an early age, they read better. Scripture reading makes all the difference.