Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Basket Belle

We have a tradition in our family.
We fill out the bracket, now on an automatic entry form through NCAA or ESPN.
We have 36 entries this year!
Competition is tough.
The games have been amazing.
The winner takes home the coveted bronzed jock strap plaque.
Their name is engraved and they have to hang it in a prominent place in the home.
I am in the lead.
I have been in the lead before.
I have never won.
I have had sons win it four times.
Perhaps some of their luck is rubbing off.
Or I'm just picking up stuff that boys know.
Or my method for this year worked a little better.
There are over 5 million entries on ESPN.
#36 in our group, at .3 percent, is ranked 4,736,874
I'm currenly #1.
I'm ranked 910.
What are the odds the Boston Belle will do better than the boys?
Not very good. I picked Kanas to go all the way, and they lost.
But it has been fun.


Bachland :) said...

The crowd cheers, the fans roar, wild excitement as The Boston Belle places with pride the coveted Bronze Trophy proudly on the wall of her home. Saved from the ravages of an LA trash truck, symbol of the efforts and dedication of generations of March Madness fans. We are all cheering you on Sis. Schenewark, priceless comments await as your good Bishop and Home Teachers visit the home and admire the symbol that has come to represent NCAA Div. 1 basketball at it’s finest.

Ben Hutchins said...

I am seriously impressed with your prognostication prowress - - even with Kansas getting chopped. Too bad.

Becky said...

Mighty impressive. I'm afraid to see how (not so) well I'm doing.