Sunday, September 4, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

Another week! We're waiting to hear about your new companion and your adventures traveling. We're also expecting an extra deluge of pictures since we didn't get any last week!

Your cousin Kevin's picture from going through the Boston temple. He's ensconced safely in the Provo MTC now, loving life as a new missionary learning Vietnamese. Every time we have a member of the family leave to go on a mission I think of the faith and love they must have for the Savior. Elder Uchtdorf said this month, "It is those who obey the commandments who truly love God." I know you loved your Savior before you left. Enough to go. Now I know that love has only increased. Mine as well.

For not playing for two years, Miller is doing well on his soccer team. After his first practice, he had teammates fighting for him to be on their scrimmage side. The second practice he began to lead on the field. Soon he'll be dominating. He's that good. Of an athlete. He even has a few fancy foot moves he's practiced on his own.

Breyer was the tallest soocer player on her team. They came up with the team name of Red Hots, since their shirts will be red. We arrived late. That's always a bummer. I got use to Miller's later starting time, and goofed up with her. She kicked the ball two times, ran twice, and picked a team name. To say she was disappointed is mild.

One evening Breyer was in the bath tub, playing, and let loose a scream. I was in the bedroom, and determined very quickly she had a gecko in her tub. She was not happy, and did not stay in the water. Sawyer came and rescued her. She agreed to get back into the tub, until she found the piece of tail floating in the water. Not princess worthy. I'm still smiling.

One of Sawyer's favorite activities is to watch you tube videos on fishing tips, techniques, catches. All summer long the boys and your father have gathered around the computer, generating a list of videos they check in for new information. One of Sawyer's favorites is created by a boy who is home schooled. He's now decided to try making his own you tube page, and was throwing out some names. His favorite name was "Everything You Need to Know About Fishing." I might have laughed. Thinking he might need something a little more catchy. He wants viewers, numbers, audience. My first suggestion was "Big Mouth Boy." He got the play on Big Mouth Bass but didn't think people, interested in fishing, would get the play on words. Then I cast out "Big Bass Boy," and quickly switched to "Bad Bass Boy." I know, a little irreverent. It's the Grampy gene, but I laughed and laughed. And laughed. I'm still laughing. I think it's a great title. At least a bonding moment.

He caught a whopper of a fish. He couldn't stop talking about it for hours, one he thinks is the biggest caught yet. He was so excited he called your grandfather in California. It was as long as his arm, weighed over five pounds, and he could fit his whole fist and arm into his mouth. Miller helped him with the pictures.

Dad and I had a date lunch Friday at Grumps. Love that local hamburger joint. I laughed again, over Sawyer's video titles. Dad just thought it was funny I was laughing so much.

I had a neighbor call Friday morning and ask if Breyer was ready for "I made it through two weeks of kindergarten" celebration with her daughter, by meeting them at Dunkin Donuts. I love donuts. I'm New England through and through, where there's a doughnut shop on every corner. I shared the evolution of Sawyer's you tube titles, and had another good laugh. We'll see. Breyer enjoyed her day. This was something I never would have thought to do, but after seeing how excited she was to have a "Girls Date," I'll have to remember this is important to her. Even if Miller was along for the ride.

Cooper, did I tell you? is now #8 on the varsity tennis team. He competed and won, and gets to be on the traveling team. Except when the opposing team doesn't have enough players. His JV game was rained out.

Porter went the whole week without calling us. School starting on Monday kicked his schedule into full gear. He got a job working athletic events, and his first event was a women's soccer game. He's excited. He loves his life. He finally got his money. He loves his food plan. He's psyched. He already got a friend a job with him as well.

I have just a few words to share with you from your older brother. Tanner sent us a short email saying, "Just letting you know we arrived in Paris last night safely and are enjoying ourselves already. Some highlights so far: we flew over Greenland as the sun came up (crazy!!!) and we're basically in the arctic circle. Stockholm airport was super nice though we were so tired. 

Caught an ├╝ber from the airport to the apartment. I highly recommend it, it was cheaper and you avoid the hassle of riding the bus or train with luggage. I asked the driver if he liked escargot but he was so confused because he thought I said escort girl. Good times with the language barrier. More pictures and stories to follow!"

I saw a commercial this week on the television that blew me away. I was expecting it to be one from the Church,because the focus was family history. Guess again. Dixie. As in paper plates. Don't focus on who's going to do the dishes. Focus on the family.

Since Porter's not around to give the boys a ride to church, I arranged this week for a  lady up the street to pick them up. She forgot. And they had the sacrament bread. Nothing like being the Bishop of the ward, with a member of the Stake Presidency there on a surprise visit, and have no bread. Your siblings waited patiently at home, and then finally Sawyer gave them an impromptu lesson on his own.

Tomorrow is Labor Day, so they're all home. No lunches to make, no hair to do, no clothes to get ready, it has been more restful than usual for me today. May your day be just as pleasant.

With much love!


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We love you! Letter coming from us soon!