Sunday, September 18, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark, and missionary friends,

Another week has gone by...We love reading your letters. We love the sweet spirit that emanates from each and every one. 

Breyer had no wiggly teeth until today. Miller was playing too rough, pushed her into a wooden stool, and loosened a front tooth. Actually, the blood was from her tooth hitting her lip. Most likely it won't tighten back up as she's now in the tooth loosing stage. And her lisp is cute.

She still is doing well with kindergarten. She loves all things social, loves dressing for school, loves gym and recess, loves all her classes. She even likes riding the bus, but is now preferring to be picked up after school. (This is Clifford day...she's front right.)

She played in another soccer game yesterday. She scored the first goal of the game, had an amazing pass, whether she planned it or not, that led to another goal, ,but they lost by one. The referee lost track of time, kept forgetting to set the quarter times, and those poor little girls played almost thirty minutes longer than their neighbors. Yes!

Miller almost had a goal, but the mid field referee thought he was in the goalie box when clearly he wasn't. According to Dad and Miller. He's one of the tallest on his team as well,with long legs.

Sawyer still asks every day to go fishing. On the weekends he wants to invite a friend. One such adult friend asked Dad and he if they wanted to go out on the lake. They had a ball, came back with big stories, a little sunburn, and a few water burns. I'm sure they'll go back. Knee boarding and wake boarding might be his new favorite. Miller and Breyer went as well, and loved the boat.

Cooper had two meets this week, one all day yesterday. We watched him play a little bit, in between soccer games.He's wonderful on the net. When he has the chance, he slams it down over the net. He's fun to watch.

Porter has been incommunicado this week until tonight. He didn't want to let me write anything about his adventures, as he wants to type a letter. I'll give him one shot, and then I'm spilling the beans. He's living the charmed life. He could be the most interesting man in the world. He's Porter. Winner of this week's Stud or Dud dorm contest. And more. Stay tuned. BYU played their first home game, against USC, and lost. It was his first home game to work for event management.

Your grandparents celebrated 55 years of marriage last week, stopping off at Kimball's in Lunenburg, Aunt Jenny's town's best kept secret.

We've all enjoyed reading about your brother's European adventures. I thought it interesting the day after Tanner left Paris three women were arrested for planning to blow up Notre Dame cathedral, which he saw the day before he left. We're so thankful they've been safe in their travels thus far.

There have been a few things I've seen this week that have put a smile on my face. One is the butterflies that migrated over Granbury. One day was really thick, and I'd cringe every time one would slam into my windshield. But it's a week later, and they're still visible. I hope the Monarchs fly over us this year as well.

Second was the old lady in the laundromat. She was very helpful when my glass water bottle rolled off my seat, and broke on the cement floor. She was wearing hot pink pants,a vivid blue shirt, and carried a bright orange purse. She was happy. You almost didn't notice the whole left side of her body was useless, probably from the effects of a stroke. She was choosing to be happy.

I was thinking of you while I was mowing this weekend. I write some of my best thoughts when I mow. I would carry a tape recorder but the lawn mower would be competing for time. I hope all is well. I miss you! Breyer tells me every other day how she misses you. Be careful. Stay safe!

Know of our love for you,


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Bachland :) said...

Grampy and Mimi looks so happy, and fried clams at Kimball's, life just doesn't get much better.