Wednesday, September 21, 2016

College Correspondent

Dear Family,

News update: I am still alive. Despite what Mom says, I do call regularly.

Correction to Mom's post, BYU played UCLA and lost this last Saturday. I was on field for the game and got to meet a number of celebrities, both the LDS kind and the not. Apparently I made it onto the ESPN camera a couple of times.

On Tuesday, I worked the devotional by Elder Dallin H Oakes. I didn't have a name tag yet so I copped this snazzy one.

I work the south play clock so I get payed for the best seat in the house, even if I do have to stand. People know me as the corduroy guy because those are the only black pants I have.

(My View)

On Sunday we have a hall meeting where we share our Stud or Dud moment for the week. I'm on a two week win streak for the Stud side that I'd like to see continue. This week my Stud moment was that I met and shook hands with President Uchtdorf, President Worthin, and President Oakes. I also saved President Worthin's wife from getting hit by a golf cart (which earned me a very grandmotherly piece of taffy). As a reward, I get my pick at the King sized candy bars in the creamery. 

This is Ammon, he's from Uganda. He approached me on Sunday and asked to take a picture with me. Apparently if I lived in Uganda I would be some sort of fashion celebrity because, in his words, I'm a "classic man." 

I've been asked to join three intramural teams so far, all on sports I didn't play: volleyball, soccer, and Ultimate Frisbee. The win/loss ratio isn't quite what I'd like but we're working on that. 

I switch roommates on Friday. My new roommate is coincidentally my home teaching companion, Kelechi. His full name is Ochulo Kelchukwu Onyebueze Ochulo and he's from Nigeria.

Classes have been pretty easy so far, I've really enjoyed ballroom dance. That's all for this week.




The Renaissance Man said...

Keep up the good work portdog. Loved the letter. :)

Bachland :) said...

Porter is our #1 Stud. Keep up the good work, can't have any nasty golf cart accidents on Campus.