Thursday, September 22, 2016

Words for the Wingmen

Dear Hunter,

This week I pretended to be in Scotland. Let me explain:

Monday, AnneMarie and I walked up to the parliament, arrived early and ate lunch at a restaurant next door, then I headed off to the parliament at two, got my badge and had a brief tour of everything. More on that later. AnneMarie waited at a Starbucks for me. I wasn't feeling great when we headed home. Tuesday, awoke with zip and pizzazz and a nice loose bowl motion and headed off to my first real day. The details are important here. I made it till about three in the afternoon when I literally tapped out and crawled home, sick as a missionary in a foreign country. Sicker maybe. I mean I barely made it home. And there at home I stayed until today when I ventured out to church.

The culprit? Almost certainly a very bad case of food poisoning, picked up at what was unfortunately a rather good restaurant on Monday. How sick are we talking here? I ran a fever over 102 degrees from Tuesday until Thursday, topping out at almost 104 degrees Thursday night. AnneMarie had a fever on Tuesday but she was able to kick it somehow. The rest was just a virulent case of the Scottish runs--runs to the loo! I'm worn out. In between worse moments I watched the Harry Potter movies and pretended I was in Scotland even though it didn't seem like it.

Luckily I married an angel from heaven. My adorable wonderful companion cared for me all week as I languished and even as she wasn't feeling great either. She also completed three very difficult puzzles, the only picture I have from this week:) I'm so grateful to have her by my side. Tonight she made an absolutely delicious tikka masala that restored my sense of purpose in life.

Here's what I can tell you about my job after a half day at work: my boss is great. Real bulldog of a parliament member. No nonsense guy. Started off slow because the IT department messed up my computer account most of the morning, so my MP got me some tickets to see that afternoons session in the parliament chamber, which I think I normally would have found highly interesting but instead found almost unbearable. Hopefully I'll get to go to that again.  I'll be working as a full fledged support staff to him, writing speeches, press releases, setting up meetings, even helping to draft motions for the parliament. I get a very official I'd badge that allows me access to the whole building by swiping it at all the doors and elevators. The cafeteria seems pretty good there as well. That's about all I can say about parliament. Hopefully tomorrow goes much better and we can get the ball rolling.

The highlight of the week was church today, as it well should be.  We rode a double decker bus there and back, on the top of course, and enjoyed the slow, beautiful ride through the city, with its views of castles and grand monuments as well as lots of green Scottish hillsides. We arrived at church to find out it was stake conference. The talks were very very good. I especially enjoyed the mission president and his wife, a young married brother's talk on covenants and an elderly woman's BURNING testimony. It was powerful. The Scottish saints may be few in number but clearly they are not faint of heart. We have five pairs of missionaries in our ward since our ward covers the city. I connected with those that cover where we live and asked them to call me as much as they dared to during the week. Bouta get the groove back on.

Next weeks letter will be much more exciting, I promise.

All our Love,

Tanner and AnneMarie

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