Friday, September 30, 2016

College Correspondent

Dear family,

Another week, another dollar. That pretty much sums up my week. I've been working quite a bit this last week, even though there wasn't a home football game. I worked two woman's volleyball games, a woman's soccer game, and two devotionals. I've referred a number of friends and so far they have all gotten the job which is great for me.

My Ultimate Frisbee team took another W, 12-0, which makes our record 3-0 and our ranking #1. Our fan base is also growing, we've had a number of people show up just to watch our game. I scored five times this last game and threw three touchdowns.

Intramural soccer, not so good. We have improved to 0-3 now after getting stomped 6-3. This is our best loss yet though. I'm proud to say that I was responsible for a buzzer beater goal as well as an assist from the opposite goal. I've been playing goalie for half the game and so far I've only let in 3 goals, compared to my keeper compatriate's 16. I would stay in goal, but it's more fun in the field.

Tournament time has started for intramural volleyball. We're in division 3 and just got bumped to the loser bracket after winning our first game by forfeit. the Canasians and I make a pretty fearsome squad.

That's about all that has happened in college this week. Join me next time for more thrilling adventures..........

Love, Porter

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Bachland :) said...

Porter, leave just a little time for class and study.