Monday, September 19, 2016

Hello Hunter,

Happy Monday, we are looking forward to getting your letter today. How much time do you have to read emails? I always worry that if you receive another email from us, you will not have enough time to write. Are you able to print off the letters?

Porter is supposed to be writing you a letter. Apparently each week in the dormitory there is a vote taken for “stud or dud.” Porter is looking to share the results with you. We have not talked with Tanner, hopefully we will soon. He is six hours ahead of us.

Have you been able to teach anymore English lessons? Have you and your companion been teaching anybody about family history. How is the family history work in Brazil?

I have been working on family history a fair amount this week, which is quite nice. I need to get your brothers and youth of the Ward excited about family history. This seems to be a struggle, but I’ve got a couple new ideas today and will have to see if they could be implemented. Miller gave a talk in primary about Rufus Porter Glass. The new primary president then pinned Rufus’ picture to a bulletin board.

The program with Ancestry is amazing, in that a person could connect sources directly to their family tree without typing in each and every source. We’ve also been blessed to find some new pictures of ancestors that distant cousins had attached to the ancestry webpage.

We did get to go out on the lake this week. Member of my bishopric, Grady Gammons has gotten a boat.

I know we have a box to mail to you. Just to let you know I have picked up more samples of Rudy sauce and mom has placed those in the box.

I have a letter in the box which includes many more thoughts, such as our current presidential election. Your grandmother and many of your adults and uncles have asked me who I am going to vote for or president. I’m not sure if they disagree with my response or are surprised by my response, but I will let you know in the letter. Keep up the good work, be safe, be kind and wash your hands.


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