Sunday, September 11, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

What a week! Nothing too different from any other week, except we're still new to the routine of school, Breyer being added to the school mix, and Porter being gone. It's a whole new dimension over here, and sometimes it feels unsteady. In more ways than one!

Last Sunday night, right as I was going to bed, I tripped over the rocker on the rocking chair, and knew I had broken a bone in my foot. I remember clearly the sliding sensation inside my foot from two years ago, when I broke it playing basketball in sandals. It's so so painful! But the pain gradually decreases from that 10 level to the more manageable level of 7-8. There's no urgent care in Granbury that our insurance will accept, and I did not want to pay an arm and a leg if I sought care at the emergency room, so I went to bed. It wasn't a great sleep, but I got some, and went to work. One boot and one tennis shoe. By the time I got off work and stopped off at the urgent care in Fort Worth, pain was done to almost nothing, unless I bumped my foot or stepped wrong. The x-ray confirmed I broke a bone, with a long, vertical crack. That's all I wanted to know. And that it hadn't impacted the old break line.

Unfortunately, so I didn't have to carry my purse into the office, I neglected to grab the key FOB out of my purse, and found myself locked out of the car, and their office closed. Your father was so willing to help, even though the drive was about an hour. He had a few drop offs and pick ups to do first, and got to me by 8 p.m. I didn't even get home before your sister fell asleep. Yucky kind of day, but when he drove up in that white 12 passenger, I felt like he was my prince.My knight in shining armor, white horse and all.

We haven't heard that much from Porter. From what we do hear, he's very settled, confident, handling classes, helping others, working events, and having fun. Sounds wonderful. We miss him. I miss him. There's no one with long legs that need to be filled. I miss filling up your legs, your older brother's legs...not so much interest in my cooking now. I'm sure Cooper's on his way, but he's not there yet. UPDATE: We had a delightful chat with him via Skype tonight. So good to see him. He made us all laugh with his stories, adventures, re-tellings. He looks good. His calling is Family Home Evening Coordinator. Six boys, and twenty girls. How fun for him! Aunt Jenny had the same calling and was the queen of FHE activities. My favorites were when she arranged for our group to rake leaves for an elderly lady, and served apple cider and donuts; and, a huge baked potato bar for General Conference.

Cooper played in a varsity tennis meet, and won his match by more than six games, earning a letterman's jacket. He's very excited. His shoulders are huge from all those hours swinging his tennis racquet.

Sawyer moans about his cross country practices only because they begin at 7 a.m. Running and running isn't complaint worthy yet. Just the time. He still asks to go fishing every evening.

Miller has a hate-love relationship with soccer. He loves his teammates fighting over him, he hates the short soccer shorts he had to wear to his game. He loves tricking opponents up with his fancy feet moves, he hates all the running.

Breyer had her first game Saturday morning. What a joy. After watching six boys play in athletic contests, can we say fun! She gets distracted by the people who cheer players on, especially if they're looking like cheer leaders. She is a people watcher, and will forget to follow the ball. She scored four goals. And one for the other team. When she focuses and plays, she gets a cute grimace on her face. She'll just have to work on keeping up her intensity. She has a lot of potential, if she's interested.

I spent a little time Friday at the hair dresser, after a four month absence. Delightful to cut off all those dead ends, and a little weight. Can YOU imagine going four months without a trim? I also followed up with my foot at my doctor's office. She confirmed the break, and wrote a prescription for a post op boot. Dad found out pharmacies have to have a special license to carry boots, and mine didn't, so I'm still shoeless. Becky's mailing me her boot, since I've had difficulty finding a boot.

Dad is busy with his Bishop duties. He's great at obeying policies, wonderful at counseling, superb dispensing sage wisdom. What's not to love?
Your cousin Kevin going to Minnesota,speaking Vietnamese.

Your cousin Meg makes the paper every week with her soccer team.

Dad is going to take over for me now. Porter talked a LONG time, and I'm going to bed. Know of my love for you! Larry says howdy. The Bachs say hello. Your grandparents say get to work.




Stake conference was held this weekend. A new stake was created and according to the Dallas Temple President, the Dallas Temple serves 28 stakes. With the new stake created this day, eight stakes have been added over the past three years.

Elder Foster of the Seventy and Elder Tillman, an Area Seventy attended conference. Elder Oaks was in the area to give a talk on religious freedom. All the Dallas area stakes were in attendance, except for ours, as the First Presidency wanted to move forward with the creation of the new stake. We are suppose to get a copy of his address.

Interesting from Elder Tillman was the following thought:

Each of the Thirteen Articles of Faith begin with the words "We believe," except for the Eleventh Article of Faith which is "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience and allow  all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, and what they may." The church will stand by any organization to worship how they choose and expects that this fundamental right be protected for church members, as well.

It is a good thing to remember on a mission, that you have great knowledge and truth that is offered to all individuals you meet. You will never force anyone to believe, they have the right to worship how they see fit (as long as it harms no one else) and that you would protect their rights.

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