Sunday, July 31, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

THIS face is one you shouldn't forget. Isn't it adorable?

This face is one that is quickly realizing it's not so fun to gut a fish. For the first time. There are many things, sometimes unpleasant, that can cause us to pull such a face. Like having gum disease, and having to visit the dentist. Your brothers went on a camp out this weekend,

The troop loaded canoes in a trailer, with the vests and paddles, and took off lunchtime on Friday. Even with 100 degrees heat, your brothers said it was the best camp out ever. At least in Texas. Dad got up there later, with all the food.

This is your brother's face before he realized how it FELT to saw through the fish. He was the only one to catch a fish. Leaders in the canoes who came back empty handed were slightly jealous. But your brother practices. Often. And used his skills to land the catch.

Cooper tied a huge log to his canoe, to stabilize it, so he could stand up and be a Pacific islander. Such are the things scouts do away from civilization.

While the boys were camping, we went to the library's final summer reading program. Breyer was called up from the audience for the second summer in a row. She was very shy. I was surprised.

Remember Uncle Ben L.and his family in your prayers. He had a small cut that became infected and traveled, and is in the ICU. He is a lucky man, having your aunt to watch over him and be an advocate. She most definitely saved his life, and his arm.

Family Home Evening. What a glorious institution. Before we even began we got a call from the Bachs. They called to share the letter they got from you. It was their Family Home Evening treat. Our treat was taken care of by Dad and Breyer. They found a recipe in The Friend for chocolate covered bananas rolled in chopped walnuts and made them. And froze them. Very nice when we're been over 100 degrees all week. Your letter arrived here as well. We loved it. Breyer was very appreciative of her bracelet. Thank you for sharing.

Your siblings are getting ready to go to California. The long awaited summer trip to visit Tanner, AnneMarie and your grandfather is finally here. Cooper and I will be holding down the fort. He has tennis try outs and practice. But they are all excited.

The only Breyer-ism this week involved crying. "Mom, I don't ever want to leave you. I'm never getting married." Okay. Fine with me.

I have been thinking of tithing a lot this week, and love this quote from Pres. Hunter. "The Lord has established the law of tithing, and because it is his law, it becomes our obligation to observe it if we love him and have a desire to keep his commandments and receive his blessings. In this way it becomes a debt." I'm thankful I was taught to pay tithing, and have no doubt as to the blessings it provides in our lives.

You too are a blessing.

We love you dearly, and are excited to read this week's letter.



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Bachland :) said...

What a wonderful letter! We so enjoyed our letter last week from Elder Schenewark. It was the highlight of the week, other than Sis. B.'s homemade little pies last night!