Sunday, July 3, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

The Fourth of July has arrived, just as you did a mere 21 years ago! Popping into this world at a measly ten pounds, eight ounces, you had all the nurses' jaws hanging. And it wasn't because you were a big, beautiful, chubby baby. It was because your head was covered in luscious, black hair. So thick, no scalp was showing. Born just after midnight, your father made me cross my legs until the bell tolled, since we were so close. He was determined to have a firecracker baby.

You were my earliest food eating baby. Your favorite? Champagne grapes. You'd slurp on those for hours, if you could. You adored watching your older brother, and are in a close tie for strongest bond, with Sawyer and Miller still forging their own. You would sit for hours and play with toys. Your imagination ran wild, and your attention span was legendary. You are definitely the family game champion. You always win all the games! We won big time with you in the family! Happy Birthday! Breyer and I decorated the yard for you: Flags up the edge of our driveway and in all the flower pots. Porter's thinking of baking an apple pie. He loves you dearly.

Cooper and Porter were driven up to Tyler Tuesday evening, when I arrived home with the small car, by your father. They were anxious to see your cousins. Dad was happy to do this for them. Everybody was in town. They spent a lot of time playing beach volleyball, tennis, basketball, and of course swimming. Your father went up Saturday, spent some time there, and brought them home that night. We definitely need to go up again.

Sawyer and Miller spent this weekend immersed in paper airplane construction. Sometimes they'd look at the internet, for design suggestions, and then recreate them. The hot summer winds kept them aloft, a long time, if they found the right draft. When they became to hot, as our heat index has been getting as high as 108 degrees, they'd come inside and fly them in the house. I'm still amazed at how long they've enjoyed this simple activity.

We enjoyed a dinner and a swim up the street with our neighbors. The food was fantastic, the company sweet, but the pool - perfect. Especially with the high heat index. It is my kind of swimming weather. I never get cold! We were also invited during the week to swim, as well, and again enjoyed cooling off.

I'll leave you with two Fourth of July news stories that caught my attention. First, "Central Park: Man Injured After Stepping on Explosive at New York City Park. Three men were walking Sunday near the entrance to Central Park Zoo when an 18-year-old stepped on an explosive and severed his foot, police said, adding they believe it was a homemade firework." This made me sad. I have happy memories of Central Park, a wedding, and a glorious weekend in the city.

Second, "Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular: Fourth of July Celebration Facing Uncertain Future, Officials. The organizer of the event, philanthropist David Mugar, is retiring after leading the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular for 43 years. He told reporters he is worried the show may be canceled." What? That's on my bucket list! I've always wanted to drive in. The show in Worcester, with their orchestra, is a great show. I hope the show continues.

We have no exciting plans to celebrate your birthday, and the birthday of our nation. I have to work, and will get back home in time for a cook out. We did plan that. We'll also watch the fireworks that are displayed over Lake Granbury. It's a great tradition.

May you have a wonderful day, and know how much we love you.


P.S. If you ever happen to come across an Olympic pin... you know who would be very happy!


Nellie said...

Happy birthday, Hunter!!! Celebrating you and our Country.

Nellie said...

Happy birthday, Hunter!!! Celebrating you and our Country.

shirlgirl said...

Happy Birthday, Hunter. Hope it was memorable.