Sunday, July 17, 2016

With All My Love

Dear Elder Schenewark,

We love you! Isn't that how you want every letter to begin? And end? I was pregnant with you during President Howard's eleven month tenure as President and Prophet of the Church. He passed away in May, and you were born in July I loved his emphasis on the temple. The temple and its blessings should be the foundation of our lives. When Howard W. Hunter made his first public statement as President of the Church, one of his primary messages was for members to seek the blessings of the temple with greater devotion.“Earlier this month I began my ministry by expressing a deep desire to have more and more Church members become temple worthy. Having worthy and endowed members is the key to building the kingdom in all the world. Temple worthiness ensures that our lives are in harmony with the will of the Lord, and we are attuned to receive His guidance in our lives.” Hence, your namesake and the child that would always remind us of the importance of the temple.

I'm still waiting for you to answer the contact / glasses question I've asked the last few weeks. Now the eye glass center is asking. Any thoughts? And, we hope your gums are doing better. Our advice is consistent: Stay away from fruit, fruit smoothies, give your gums a rest.

Your grandmother wanted to gift you with money as her way of showing you how much she loves you as well. We'll deposit iit in your Wells Fargo account.

Larry and Sandy send their love as well. They love your stories, especially the ones that put goose bumps on their arms, like two weeks ago.

It's been hot here all week. How hot? High enough to melt crayons. Breyer's Sunday supply, as we found out in church today, were all melted together. Your sister makes me smile. Every day. I always try to remind her to pack her purse for church, today she did this on her own. And when she passed it off on her way to class, I saw what she had packed: A large multi-tool. Such a princess!

Your father interviewed Cooper today for advancement to the office of Priest. He is 16. Porter will be next. Speaking of Porter, he found a little out about his BYU roommate: He's a fan of Japanese anime. We had a funny talk, in Sunday School of all places, about being friends with everybody!

Sawyer's caught a few fish this week restarting the fishing campaign. They, meaning Dad and Sawyer, try sometimes first thing in the morning, or when the sun starts to set. He had me drive him up once this week, and I was witness to him casting, and his pole cracking, and the whole reel landing in the lake. He was so sad. He said it was like throwing Larry in the lake, as he had given him the pole.

Today is National Ice Cream Day, designated to take place on the third Sunday in July by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. Sundaes are a great thing to have on Sunday. I might have to give some thought to making this somewhat of a tradition!

Your brothers have spent the whole week making airplanes. Lots of foam boards, xacto knives and hot glue sticks. They're impressive. Cooper's been doing this for a while, but progressed to the point where he has found plans on line, and recreates the plane at home. Now Sawyer and Miller are yielding the knives, and my living room is like an airport hanger. I wouldn't have it any other way. I think their advanced plans now include cameras and remote controls.

I hope your week is wonderful! We're waiting to see if you'll be transferred. It would be exciting to go to another area, but they will dearly miss you. As do I. Be good, stay safe!



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