Monday, July 18, 2016

Letter #48

Dear Family and Friends,

Transfers! Pres. Young called this morning to let me know I´ll be going to Itaperuna. It´s another branch, and is also in the state of Rio de Janeiro. It´s a couple hours north, near the border of ES-RJ.

Went to the dentist, was painful, but he said now, everything should be good. He said come back in a week just to make sure I had everything cleaned off, and so went back today and he went at it again. Thank you for all your prayers. All in all, it went very well, and I hope that this really is the end of it. (He also said NOT to use the retainer the ortho gave me after taking off my braces, as this has been a large part of why it has been a recurring problem) Finally, I have no pain, and as everything seems better. Lighter steps, brighter skies, and a more beautiful Brasil.

This week, weve had some cool experiences. My favorite, was on Saturday. As missionaries, we´re in the business of helping people change. One person that we've known here for a while, José Carlos, is always complaining and asking for help but doesn't want to change. He works at a little store, and we always pass him on the street. He´s known missionaries for years and just likes a listening ear. Well, this week we challenged him to something new. To let us cut his hair and give him a shave. E. Cavalcante even offered to cut his nails. To become a new person sometimes you have to change appearance. He accepted, but unfortunately wimped out at the end. But his friend, Abidu, who takes better care of himself asked us excitedly if we could cut his hair. Well, you just can´t turn that down. We brought my kit to his house and he caught me by surprise by saying `just scissors please` when I had been planning to give a quick `ready for boot camp buzz cut.` And, I´m used to buzzer. Never used scissors. Right at the start, I cut it bad, and left a gaping hole above his ear. I wanted to laugh so hard but kept it in and just kept going. Note to others: I don´t have a natural talent for cutting hair. In short, it was wonderfully hilarious, I enjoyed it immensely and have sent the unforgettable photos.

Quissamã has been wonderful. Yesterday, Priscilla was called as the Gospel Principals Teacher in the branch, and is preparing to receive her patriarchal blessing and go to the temple. And a couple people have been reactivated, coming back to the church. Some of the members here are people I´ll never forget. My part in the english class has ended. Its been a memorable run and I´ve learned a lot about how to teach in this capacity. Saturday, some of the students brought cake in anticipation of my departure.

Last Monday, at night, we were walking in the streets when a man came up to us and introduced himself. Fabio, was baptized 9 years ago in Vitoria but after a while left the church. Started drinking and recently had lost everything, house, car, wife, job. Basically reached the bottom. He had arrived in Quissamã the week before as he had been able to find a job nearby. That night, we helped him in a circumstance I´ll never forget, find some cardboard boxes and take them to his apartment to sleep on. He cried as he related his story. Throughout the week, the members have helped him a lot with a mattress, stove, etc. and he seems to have a real desire to change. Yesterday he arrived way early in the church and is trying to help others as well.

And about the contacts, I am using them right now (: I don´t think the number was right, they were both -5.5. Regardless, I am enjoying them immensely. Yesterday at church, many people commented that it was like I was a different missionary. So, I´d love to have some (: And about the glasses, I don´t really know. It would be ideal if they could ship the lenses here because its 90 reais to ship.  But, if you think its worth it, I´ll send them. And thanks for the present from my grandparents. I haven´t had to use my card yet, but think i will this week to pick up my box.

I love you all!!!!

Elder Schenewark

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Bachland :) said...

I loved Abidu's haircut, looks like you may have taken just a bit off the top center. His hairline is now somewhere back by his collar it looks!