Tuesday, July 5, 2016

California Craziness

Dear Elder Schenewark,

I've admittedly been bad about updating your website. But I'm on it. Also I know you wanted to know about if they have some fruits here in the U.S. The simple answer is that they have everything on the U.S. If you know where to look;) 

And Happy Birthday!!! 21 years young. Mom's letter mentioned that we have a special bond, something I've both recognized more and appreciated more the older I've gotten. I'm extremely grateful that your my brother and I'm proud of who you are. We're two different peas in the same pod, paddles on different sides of the same canoe...hey somebody had to come up with some crazy good metaphors while you're gone!!!! Anyways, you're constantly in our prayers and in our hearts. We miss you, AnneMarie and I, but we wouldn't have you in any other place for a second. Missions are unforgettable, they're life changing, and they're tough, among other things, but they are most definitely not the end. They are a bright beginning to a much longer life mission that lies ahead of you. Remember that when weeks are hard and keep moving forward.

I was pondering that this week as it was my mission presidents last week and he returned home on Wednesday. Following along with what they were up to in the mission would occasionally cause me to ponder how I would love to one back in the mission field and what I could do to potentially be a better more effective missionary. Then I would realize that the growth that I had experienced since returning home was what would let me be a better missionary and I needed to apply those learned lessons here. We're meant to move forward and upward.

Last weekend Ammie and I headed down to Vegas for our nephew's baptism and to spend time with family. Ammie's little sister Emmie is going on a mission to Sydney, Australia in October, and with us leaving and everyone living in different states, it was most likely the last time we'll be together for a while.  

We also took some family pictures and spent a day barbecuing and at Cowabunga bay, a big water slide park to escape the Vegas heat! Road trips with AnneMarie are always so much fun. I don't know anyone who burns more calories than her when it comes to car dancing haha!

This week AnneMarie I did baptisms in the temple for family names. It was an absolutely wonderful experience and just what we both needed after a long week. The brother who welcomed us to the baptistry gave us a devotional and bore a powerful witness of the work done in the temple and its importance. One quote really stuck with me. He said that love is the greatest conductor of the spirit and I think he's right. 

We capped our date night off with dinner at Sammy's where we got wood fired pizzas in a sleek ambiance with great mood lighting. Then we headed over to the lil Dipper ice cream shop for fresh pistachio and salted Carmel ice cream and warm cookies. They had a 300 piece puzzle on a table top there, so we sat down and did the whole thing to finish our date night off. Great night, one of a kind date...I'm a lucky guy:) 

Love you Huntman, 

Tanner & AnneMarie


Bachland :) said...

San Diego, ahhhhh

shirlgirl said...

Nice letter to your brother, Tanner.