Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Brotherly Love

Dear Hunter,

Elder Elder Schenewark, I saw a picture of you on your birthday and it looked they were treating you well. That is good. One of the best birthdays I ever had was my first birthday in the mission.  Parker and the other companionship planned a surprise party for me at the end of the day and pulled it off without me ever suspecting a thing. After many hard days work it was a welcome respite and an even more welcome reminder that people cared for me. I hope your day brought you some of the same.

We spent your birthday watching the nation celebrate your birth in grand style. I worked until the afternoon and then we headed to Coronado island where we played volleyball and watched multiple firework shows over the bay. We also grabbed some famous Hodad burgers on our way. One of the best I've had.

Tuesday I played in our ward softball game, miffed some, snagged others, grabbed a triple, couple of nice plays at third, but our team couldn't quite string enough hits together to pullout the W. We're back at it again this Tuesday. No rust this week.

Biggest event of this week was obviously AnneMarie's birthday. I love any excuse to shower love on my sweet wife, whether that's national picnic day, Valentine's Day, Brasilian Valentines Day, National and International Kissing Day, you get the idea. Obviously birthdays up there. We spent Saturday playing beach volleyball and enjoying the nice beach weather. Then we headed to Kings Fish House for sushi and seafood. Yummmmm:) Ammie even got free dessert and we sang her a raucous happy birthday anthem. Tonight we had more friends over and played the couch game, ate Klondike bars and cake. Overall a great ending to the week and 22 looks good on my girl.

Bring the hurt this week. Remember that your time is short, your mantle unique. The adversary is constantly attentive to his efforts to distract or disable your teaching and preaching. Don't let him.  Talk to everyone and they will feel the truth if your message.

We Love You,

Tanner  and AnneMarie

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